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Mirish Kiszner

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Mirish Kiszner is a teacher, counselor and lecturer living in Jerusalem. She is the author of Dear Libby (Artscroll), a compilation of questions and responses for kids about real life matters that stimulate parent-child discussions through helping kids identify with other kids.

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Even in the first days of a child’s life, there is a noticeable difference between infants who have been hugged and touched by their mothers and those who have not.
If a person is prepared for a challenge before it arises, he will have the tools to deal with it. But how can one deal with a situation before it happens?
Effective Communication It's not about "fixing" but "accepting" Blog
When we really listen and acknowledge another person’s pain, resentment or inner conflict, we give them a chance to talk more about what’s troubling them. The more they express, the more relief they’ll feel and the more clarity they’ll gain...
Silently, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak studied the expectant faces. "My brothers!" he said in a respectful tone of voice. "Did we not agree that I was not to be burdened with discussions of old policies?"
It's tempting to throw in the towel and give into despair. Nevertheless, it's important to remain objective, to step back and take an earnest look at the whole picture...
The door creaked on its hinges as Rabbi Lippman hurried to open it for the band of strangers. The men were dressed in rags and tatters, their beards had grown wild...
Getting Your Kids Involved Finding age-appropriate responsibilities Blog
What responsibilities are appropriate for your child's age? Each child is unique. Remember, "educate a child according to his way"
The newspaper of the Nazi party, "Der Sturmer," portrayed Rabbi Wiedenfeld as "the greatest Talmudist in the world," and placed him high on their black list. Thus the rabbi was forced to flee...
We find it easier to do the job ourselves rather than spare the time and energy it takes to teach our children to do it. But it's our job to teach them to be givers...
LIFE: Linking Intelligence, Feeling, and Emotion How to Listen to what Your Heart is Feeling Blog
In reality, the seed of pain becomes the seed for growth. When you discard the pain, you throw away the information it can give you...
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