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Light & Darkness

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FAQ about Shabbat foods and food preparation: Why do we eat cholent on Shabbat? Is it permitted to warm up a fully-cooked item on Shabbat? And more...
The path of light, sunglasses of the soul, the Lamplighter, the discovery of darkness, the inexistence of the universe, the spiritual significance of the rainbow -- 26 stories, essays and meditations on light and luminescence
A Taste of Shabbat The Complete Format for the Traditional Shabbat Dinner Recipe RankRankRankRankRankRank
A Taste of Shabbat
More than just a cooking video, A Taste of Shabbat presents the historic and cultural background of the foods and traditions that make the Shabbat such a meaningful experience.
Shmuel At times one does something so often that he stops thinking why he is doing it. I am glad to pause for a moment to understand this staple of our Friday night meal. The prophet Isaiah (58:13) tells us "and you will proclaim the Sabbath 'delight,'...
Thursday Dinner and Friday Lunch / Late Afternoon Snacks
Is the light of the Chanukah menorah so faint that it can only illuminate its immediate vicinity? And as such must be lit after dark, and in direct proximity to the darkness it wishes to counteract?
By defining themselves in perfect contradistinction to one another, "light" and "darkness" enter into a symmetrical bond which attests to an underlying unity forming their common source
Darkness doesn’t necessarily mean evil; it means the absence of light. When life’s meaning seems inscrutable, when I’m running from task to task oblivious to the need for meaning, that’s called darkness.
On the essence of lunar time.
As opposed to the other nine plagues, the Plague of Darkness didn't cause any tangible harm. What then was the inner meaning of this unique plague?
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