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Rosh Chodesh

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Rosh Chodesh: (lit. “head of the month”) one or two semi-festive days marking the beginning of each month
Everything You Need to Know About the Jewish Month
Rosh Chodesh, literally the “head of the month,” is celebrated as a minor holiday.
A Monthly Holiday for Women
What Is Rosh Chodesh? The Jewish calendar follows the lunar year. The renewal of the moon, marks the beginning of the month. Rosh Chodesh, which means ‘head of the month’ celebrates the start of a new month on the Jewish calendar. Throughout history our l...
Question: What is the appropriate way for a Jewish woman to celebrate Rosh Chodesh? I would like to start this tradition, as I have two little girls and I think that it would be wonderful to do this together. Answer: Rosh Chodesh, the day (or days) that c...
Understanding the Jewish Months
What Is Rosh Chodesh?
In this introduction to a monthly class on the Jewish calendar, our host, Shimona Tzukernik, explains the significance of the monthly holiday of Rosh Chodesh (the New Moon, or literally, “Head of the Month.”)
The Jewish New Moon
What is Rosh Chodesh? When and how do we celebrate it?
Calculating the Lunar Cycle
Astronomy and Torah
Astrophysicist, Dr. Jeremy Schnittman, discusses how studying astronomy can be a spiritual experience and explains the astoundingly accurate calculations that the Sages used for determining the appearance of the new moon.
In the spring equinox month of Nisan, both in nature and in the soul, new life force and potential is about to manifest.
Question: Which portion of the Torah is read on Rosh Chodesh? Response: On Rosh Chodesh, the "head" of the new month, we read four aliyahs from Numbers 28. The requirements for any aliyah is a minimum of three verses. In Numbers 28, along with the daily a...
Women and Rosh Chodesh
Why is Rosh Chodesh, the holiday that marks the entry of a new Jewish month, considered a "women's holiday"?
Rosh Chodesh
Why is the Redemption, the moment of our consummate fulfillment, analogous to the moon's rebirth, a moment when it emits only a diminutive and weak crescent of light?
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