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Public Menorahs

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It’s Chanukah (sometimes spelled “Hanukkah” and pronounced HAH-new-kah), and you are planning on attending a public menorah lighting. Here’s what you need to know.
It’s become almost commonplace for hundreds of thousands of people to attend grand public Chanukah menorah lightings in metropolises and in front of statehouses dotting the American landscape. But the first such ceremony, in Philadelphia’s Old City in 197...
Now, isn’t the mitzvah just to light the menorah at home? So why were the blessings recited at the public ceremony?
Both the Mitzvah tanks and the Menorahs brought Jewish observances to the fore of public consciousness in a very visible way.
A spirit too strong for evil to vanquish
I recalled vaguely that there had been some Nashvillians visiting in Mumbai at the Oberoi restaurant, caught in the crossfire of terror. I tried to call one of them to invite her to our Menorah lighting.
The Chanukah Lights are expressly meant to illuminate the “outside,” symbolically alluding to the duty to bring light also to those who, for one reason or another, still walk in darkness...
Take a tour around the globe with Chabad-Lubavitch public menorah lightings
Find A Hannukah Event Near You
Browse hundreds of listings of Chanukah events in tens of countries. Find an event near you, and celebrate hanukkah with friends. Featuring public menorah lightings, parties, workshops, and more...
Do you know when the first public menorah was lit?
The History of Public Menorahs
Live Broadcasts of Chanukah Celebrations and Menorah Lightings Across the Globe
Chanukah Live Celebrations
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