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I’ve made some mistakes. Well, maybe a lot of them. I’m still young, but I’m afraid to be stuck with this image forever.
Both meanings of the Yiddish word chazer—“pig” and “review”—have their source in the Hebrew language.
I feel frequently discriminated against because of my weight. And I have been the victim of weight-shaming.
Even if the Torah forbids a food, one is still permitted to eat kosher food artificially flavored to taste like it. However, if it closely resembles the non-kosher food, it may be necessary to mark it as an imitation.
To learn why we pray, and how to make prayer a meaningful time to connect with G‑d, join “The Heart of Prayer,” a four-part series sure to deepen your appreciation of Jewish prayer. 1. Question: I feel like a phony saying the prayers when I don’t know if ...
With the death of the latter prophets Chagai, Zechariah and Malachi, “the spirit of prophecy departed.”
What Is a Shamash? A Chanukah menorah has eight lights. The shamash – the "attendant" candle that is used to kindle the other lights – sits a bit higher or lower than the other candles, on the ninth branch of the menorah. Many Jews have a tradition to use...
I’m scheduled to have a minor procedure that has to be performed in the hospital, and suddenly, I’m panicky. There are so many things that can happen, and I’m feeling very vulnerable.
Should I find another profession? Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a teacher.
Boy meets girl at a party. They like each other. He makes her laugh. She makes him feel good about himself. They hit it off.