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It’s something we do every year, and it forms a big part of the family Seder tradition. But why do we do it?
Was Matzah Always Hard and Thin? The history of crunchy matzah
I’ve heard people say that matzah used to be soft. Is this true? And if it is, can I use pita for my matzah?
I don’t get the whole prohibition of kitniyot. I can’t eat rice or peas because they may be mistaken for chametz, yet my local supermarket is selling kosher-for-Passover cakes!
Even if Haman thought he was a god, shouldn't Mordechai have bowed down to him rather than risk the lives of the entire Jewish people?
"בורא מאורי האש" “Who created the lights of fire” QUESTION: What is the reason for looking at the fingernails? ANSWER: When Hashem created Adam, his whole body was covered with protecting nails. After he committed the sin of eating from the Tree of...
"על נהרות בבל שם ישבנו גם בכינו בזכרנו את ציון" “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and also wept as we remembered Zion.” QUESTION: The word “gam” — “also” — is superfluous. It should simply say “yashavnu ubachinu” — “we sat and wept”? ANSWER: On the...
"שלש סעודות" “The third meal” QUESTION: Why are Chabad Chassidim not stringent about eating a full meal with challah for the third meal, and suffice with just tasting some food? ANSWER: The Torah relates regarding the manna, “Moshe said, ‘Eat it hayom —...
"לעשות את השבת לדרתם" “To make the Shabbat for their generations.” QUESTION: Why is the word “ledorotam” (לדרתם) — “for their generations” — written without a "ו"? ANSWER: The word “ledorotam” (לדרתם) without the "ו" can be read “ledirotam” (לְדִרֹתָם),...
"יום הששי. ויכלו השמים" “The sixth day. And the heavens were completed.” QUESTION: Why does Kiddush start with the words “Yom hashishi” — “the sixth day” — which are the two final words of the pasuk (Bereishit, 1:31) that precedes “Vayechulu hashamayim” —...