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Why are we rational Jews doing something that seems superstitious?
Does G‑d have such an ego problem that He demands His creations to constantly pray to him, telling Him how great He is? Not to mention all the blessings every time we eat something, go to the bathroom, wash for bread, light Shabbat candles . . .
Why Do We Light a Yahrtzeit Memorial Candle? And when and how is it done?
We Jews light a whole lot of candles for the dead. What is the reason behind the candle, and when did the custom begin?
Everyone knows that Jewish weddings take place under a chupah under the open skies. But no one I ask seems to know why. Is there a reason for this?
Why don’t I see the rabbinic leaders in Israel spearheading a building campaign?
There are a number of reasons given for this custom, on both a basic level as well as a more esoteric one.
Could global warming be a sign that the Messiah is about to arrive? I learned that the Torah predicts that in the future the “covering of the sun” will be removed, and wicked people will melt in the intense heat. Maybe this is describing the hole in the o...
Why do we count up to Shavuot during the Omer instead of counting down? Isn't it a countdown from Passover to Shavuot?
Did you know that mourning for seven days is an ancient custom that predates the giving of the Torah? Learn all about it here.