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In a single being, locality is secondary. What happens in one part of a living being immediately changes the entire organism. Which is how the Jewish people works as well.
If you work on yourself, improve your character, and refine yourself to a new spiritual plane, then your soulmate changes.
Isn't there a point in time when we realize that Moshiach isn't coming? Haven't we learned our lesson by now?
He could have just zapped them, and yet He sends them....frogs?!
I love Pesach. I hate Pesach cleaning.
Our eight-year-old son gets invited to birthday parties where non-kosher food is served. What’s the best way to handle this situation?
Who Was Zeresh? Haman's Wicked and Wise Wife
Zeresh’s name appears twice in the Book of Esther, both times as an advisor to her husband.
There is no single way to put away your tefillin. However, Jewish law and custom does provide some guidance.
I noticed a footnote in my prayer book telling me to recite a verse corresponding to my name. Can you explain what this is about?
The Court of Jewish Law Social, Monetary and Ethical dilemmas presented through the perspective of Jewish Law
Social, monetary and ethical dilemmas presented through the perspective of Jewish Law