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But there was another martyr in this attack, an Israeli policeman by the name of Zidan Saif.
Chanukah with Alzheimer's How to celebrate holidays and other events with people with dementia
What are we to do when someone in our family is suffering from dementia and is no longer able to celebrate the Jewish holidays as he or she once did? How can we make sure that Chanukah remains meaningful and enjoyable, as well as safe, for all the family?
How can it be that one group of Jews can eat rice on Passover and another group can't? Aren't we all part of the same religion?
Does Jewish Law Allow a Nurse to Treat an Ebola Patient? Am I permitted to put my life in danger to save another?
Question: I'm writing on behalf of my mother. She is a nurse and has been a nurse for 15 years. Her hospital is ready to accept Ebola patients from within a 100-mile radius. The problem is this: By caring for Ebola patients, she’ll actually be putting...
You’ve got a wall, a chair and a self and all that is all very concrete, occupying real, hi-definition space. Then you’ve got this infinite, invisible G‑d. And you’ve got to fit Him somewhere in there. But, of course, He doesn’t fit.
I was at a chassidic gathering where the Chabad rabbi was discussing overcoming adversity. He used the Yiddish saying of the fourth Chabad rebbe, the Rebbe Maharash: "l’chatchila ariber." What exactly does that mean?
Why We Celebrate Yartzeits with Food On the custom of sponsoring a kiddush or tikkun on the anniversary of passing
For as long as I can remember, whenever we celebrate the yahrtzeit of a family member, we always sponsor a breakfast after morning services—and sometimes we also sponsor a kiddush reception on the Shabbat prior. Why?
In a single being, locality is secondary. What happens in one part of a living being immediately changes the entire organism. Which is how the Jewish people works as well.
If you work on yourself, improve your character, and refine yourself to a new spiritual plane, then your soulmate changes.