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Yashan and Chadash

Yashan and Chadash: Chadash ("new") -- Grain that took root before Passover and is Biblically forbidden to be eaten until the 16th of Nissan. Yashan ("old") -- The same grain, after the 16th of Nissan, now permissible.

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Order the Siddur The Online Siddur With Commentary is a project of Chabad Lubavitch of Maryland directed by Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan and Sichos In English, all rights reserved. With appreciation to Kehot Publication Society for the use of the Hebrew text of...
Find an appropriate and auspicious date to schedule a Jewish wedding.
Jewish law is unequivocal in establishing absolutely, and uncompromisingly, that the dead must be buried in the earth... The soul rises to G-d, but its physical shelter sinks into the vast reservoir of nature....
Proper Times for Visiting the Grave... Personal Prayers and Devotions... Memorial Prayer (Kel Malei Rachamim)
Just a few months after the darkest period our family has ever known, we danced at two of our sons' weddings, and the Bar-Mitzvah of a third.
How can we understand and explain the process of dying? How can we clarify the nature of life after death?
I believe in G-d. And that is precisely why I ask how a loving G-d could allow such a dreadful thing to happen -- to wrench from me a child who was part of my heart. If I did not believe in G-d, heaven forbid, I would not be surprised that there is so...
If the body is but a temporary and deficient container for the soul, why recompose and revive it?
Our sages say that Jacob never died alive. What is the message to us and can we reconnect to our deceased loved ones?
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