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The dreidel, known in Hebrew as a sevivon, dates back to the time of the Greek-Syrian rule over the Holy Land—which set off the Maccabean revolt that culminated in the Chanukah miracle.
Instructions for the traditional Chanukah spinning-top game
The Dreidel Wizard guides you through the Dreidel tradition -- its history, standardized game rules and the endgame.
A Kabbalistic Spin on Dreidel
Playing dreidel (spinning top) is a popular Chanukah custom. Discover layers of meaning in this fun tradition.
"Rebbetzin Tap & Friends"
Tap into Chanukah!
What does playing dreidel teach us about Chanukah? Learn about the Festival of Lights with Rebbetzin Tap.
By Rabbi Bentzion Milecki
The dreidel tells the story of both the history of the world and its ultimate purpose.
Latkes, donuts & cheese blintzes
Foods, gifts, games, and prayers . . . Learn about Chanukah’s varied customs and traditions.
Each component of a Jewish holiday was put in place in accordance with the particular holiday’s singular message. So, where does that leave the traditional dreidel game?
On Chanukah we play a special game called Dreidel. The Dreidel is a four-sided spinning top, called a “sevivon” in Hebrew
Oh Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made you out of clay, and the Almighty Himself breathed into you a soul of fire and you in turn tempered in His people a will of steel...
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