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Haim Nisenbaum

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Creation Impossible What is tzimtzum like?
I long struggled with the kabbalistic map of the cosmos, convinced that these mysteries could be grasped in a more relevant way. A single class on tzimtzum opened up an entire world of insight and discovery.
Infinite Light Made Simple The Power of Is
How could there be light before there is anything at all? What would it illuminate, if nothing yet exists? Where would it radiate, if space is yet to be invented? What is its frequency, considering that time has yet to begin?
The diversity within Creation in no way challenges divine unity.
Plunging further into the mysteries of the universe, Rabbi Infinity reveals the secret of deep cosmic breathing as he teaches little Miri the fifth letter of the alefbet.
Cosmic Unity A kabbalist’s mindset: Using the body as an example for Kabbalah Audio
What exactly do the Ten Sefirot mean and what are their functions. Most importantly, what does it all have to do with us?
Is G-d an It, an I, or Nothing? Or: G-d's Sticky Fingerprints Q&A
What's the difference between No-thingness with a capital N and vanilla nothing with a lower case n? What makes one Nothing G-d and the other just nothing?
Introduction to the Ari's Concept of Shevirat haKeilim
Outside of the realm of the Infinite Light.
The soul's descent to the physical is so that it may be elevated still higher.
Even miracles which are enclothed in the natural order will be revealed.
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