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Sukkot: (lit. “booths”); festival of seven days (eight in the Diaspora) beginning on 15 Tishrei, taking its name from the temporary dwelling (sukkah) in which one lives during this period; this festival is marked for its special joy (“zeman simchateinu”—“time of our rejoicing”) and by the mitzvah of the four species
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Sukkah (29)
What the Holiday of Sukkot Teaches Us
The Secret to Finding Your Happiness
Who doesn't want more happiness in their lives? The holiday of Sukkot teaches us the secret key for making joy more accessible throughout the year!
Laws and customs of the holiday
How to Observe Sukkot
What special rituals are performed on the holiday of Sukkot? How does one perform them? What are some of the deeper reasons for doing what we do? An expert in Jewish law gives an overview of the lulav and etrog, eating in a sukkah, and other Sukkot-relate...
Letters and numbers of the festivals—Sukkot
Humility, Diversity and Unity
The mystery of a missing letter vav in the verse that talks about shaking the lulav (Leviticus 23:40) and in the verse commanding us to dwell in the sukkah (23:42).
Sukkot and Self-Transcendence
My Sukkah Is Your Sukkah
The power of the sukkah to release us from our emotional attachments to the material world and make us available for intimate relationships with others.
Sukkot: Less Is More
The mitzvah of dwelling in the sukkah returns us to simpler values and simpler times.
The High Holidays Season – Sukkot & Simchat Torah
Re-enacting the Marriage between the Jew and G-d
The common theme contained in the High-Holidays and the festivals of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.
History and Facts with Dina
All About Sukkot!
Create Sukkot Crafts Make Sukkot Recipes Sukkot Recipes Read Sukkot Stories More in the Sukkot Kids Zone
13 Tishrei, 5741 • September 23, 1980
One Sukkah, One Lulav, One People
The two central mitzvos of Sukkos—the sukkah and the Four Kinds—have at their core the theme of Jewish unity.
One Sukkah, One Lulav, One People
The two central mitzvos of Sukkos, the sukkah and the Four Kinds, have at their core the theme of Jewish unity.
Growing Weekly: Sukkot
Rules of Growth
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