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Joy; Happiness

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Lesson 1: Revealing Happiness
The Kabbalistic and Chassidic masters did everything in their power to distance themselves from sadness. They know the secret that happiness is the engine that drives life. In this lesson, we explore some common things that tend to bring us down and what ...
The Twelve Steps: Lesson 12, "Yismach"
Happiness Is Serious!
The final step focuses on joy. Judaism teaches we are inherently capable of transforming the universe—and the world is intrinsically preordained for it. However it can only be achieved if we serve G-d in perpetual happiness, which seems like mission impos...
Joy is a choice, not a gift.
Why Your Happiness Matters to G-d
Do we all deserve to be happy? Rabbi Barber contrasts society’s prevailing attitude to joy with the Torah approach. Our future depends on living a Jewish life filled with joy.
Four Strategies for Happiness
Purim is meant to be the most joyous day of the year, so surely we can learn keys to joy from the four mitzvahs we follow to celebrate Purim.
How to deal with valid sources of sadness (Tanya Ch. 26)
Strategies to Always Be Happy
Joy is critical in carrying out our obligation to be a moral and faithful Jew. What are the techniques and attitudes needed to live a life of joy, and when, if ever, is it appropriate to be sad?
It’s a conscious choice
My Thoughts: Happiness
The story of the perfect guy’s proposal
Turn Up the Volume of Your Joy
Why the constant focus on joy, and how do we increase in our joy during the month of Adar? Comparing and contrasting the holidays of Purim and Pesach sheds light on how to serveG-d with greater joy.
Spiritual Development: Lesson 5
Inviting Joy into Your Life
The more we chase after joy, the more elusive it seems to be.
How to Know You're Headed in the Right Direction
The Path to Lasting Happiness
Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb shares the story of her personal spiritual journey and speaks about how we can know when we've found what we're really looking for.
The Worship of Happiness
American Idols - Happiness
Serving G-d with joy is a virtue. So when does happiness become a false god? When there is a "pursuit of happiness." True happiness is to be content with what G-d gives you whereas idolatrous happiness is the desire for more than what you have.
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