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Diane Abrams

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Diane Abrams practiced law in Manhattan, New York and created and taught the nation’s first “Women and the Law” course at NYU Law School. She is the proud mother of two and wife of Bob Abrams who was New York State Attorney General. Diane currently is Vice President and Associate Broker with Brown Harris Stevens selling apartments and townhouses.

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The Rebbe himself had no children, yet he gave so many people blessings for children. Who are the Rebbe’s children?
“It Wasn’t Me, It Was Him”
Mr. Robert Abrams served as New York State attorney general from 1978 to 1994. He and his wife, Diane, an attorney herself, would come to the Rebbe for Lekach on Hoshana Rabbah. In 1985, the Rebbe gave them an unexpected blessing for an addition to their ...
Mrs. Diane Abrams, Esq. “In the beginning, I thought I’d come along demurely . . .” Video
Mrs. Diane Abrams, Esq.
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