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With Honor and Dignity - Part 1
The Jewish Approach to Death, Burial & Mourning
Death is a subject most painful to discuss, yet it is critically important that we seek guidance and wisdom from the Torah concerning the many questions that arise during this most difficult period of time. This class is the first of a three-part series t...
Making the Proper Preparations for Loved Ones
The Jewish Approach to Death
Rabbi Zohn presents the Jewish view on death, burial and the afterlife, and how to pragmatically prepare for it in the Jewish tradition.
Where Does a Soul Go When Someone Dies?
Imagine a discussion between a refrigerator and electricity. The refrigerator is plugged in and it's cooling food. Now, suddenly, the plug is pulled and the refrigerator says to the electricity, "Where do you go when the plug is pulled?"
Defining Death
Rabbi Steinsaltz contrasts the traditional definition of death (cessation of heartbeat) with the relatively novel definition of death known as brain-death. He discusses the significant practical ramifications these definitions have on organ donation; many...
On Imminent Death
Rabbi Steinsaltz relates to the topic of imminent death. He defines "Treifah" as a creature, either animal or human, that is almost certain to die within 12 months and says that those in this category are no longer considered completely alive. He touches ...
The Human Body After Death
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses the status of the human body after death as a source of defilement rather than holiness. He suggests that any abuse of a dead body is contrary to the Jewish principle of "Honoring Creatures" (Kavod HaBriyot) because it is equiva...
How to Honor the Departed
Maintaining the Connection
One of the most frequently asked questions after someone loses a loved one is for insight as to what they can do to honor and uplift the soul of the departed. Jewish tradition offers guidance for the most significant actions that preserve our connection t...
What the Living Can Do for the Departed
How to Help a Soul
Discover how we can assist, bring comfort, and form a living legacy for those we hold dear that passed on.
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