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Faith; Belief in G-d

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Faith; Belief in G-d
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What Is Emunah? Beyond Belief RankRankRankRankRankRank
We’re used to thinking of faith as a strategy for people who can’t think for themselves...
Hasn't belief in G-d caused as much evil as good? If G-d knows best, what's the point of prayer? How can we have "free choice" if G-d already knows what we're going to do? Do (Normal) Jews believe in prophesy? Are we supposed to be afraid of G-d?
With all the tragedy and suffering in the world, how am I supposed to believe? I would like to feel faith, but it doesn't come...
I've got a few choices here in town of different styles and flavors of rabbis and congregations. How do I choose? Is there a simple test to determine who is fit to be my rabbi?
Psychotropics are not enough. Anxiety can be overcome only with a deep and mighty sense of faith.
“Say You Are My Sister” Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 1 Video RankRankRankRankRankRank
“Say You Are My Sister”
Even when we are experiencing our personal famines, our relationship with G‑d is still present and accessible.
It may seem odd that I am writing such a detailed letter. But I have noticed that it’s been very hard for people to talk about this, so I decided to step forward on my own and tell this story . . .
G-d, I want him back! Sharing the heart’s power to heal after the devastating loss of a child RankRankRankRankRankRank
"I feel I have joined a very exclusive club," Gershon pauses, "whose admission price is very steep. A club that allows you a special relationship with G‑d."
To the ancient Greeks, if something wasn’t seeable or understandable, it simply wasn’t.
Monday I edited a chapter on World War II, Tuesday I was given a collection of essays on 9/11, and Wednesday the subject was Vietnam . . . Then it hit me: the miracle isn’t that they found the flask of oil. It’s that they even searched for it.
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