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Zvi Konikov

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My Irritable Mood And how I conquered it Story
When I’m in my irritable mood, I don’t want to listen to a single complaint from anyone in my household.
The distribution of the word tzedek and its derivate tzedakah in the Five Books of Moses is anything but random.
The cashier was a little out of the ordinary. Scary, actually. It was entirely possible that he was the scariest cashier I’d ever laid eyes on.
When the street was wrapped in darkness and our mothers’ voices called us in a discordant chorus to come home for supper, Rachel rose, took one last look at the street, and disappeared inside her flat. No one raised their eyes to speak to her; it was as...
When a person is angry, rebuking him will only make him angrier. When a person is upset, giving her advice will only aggravate her further. With the timing of our words, we have the power to raise our loved ones up, or push them down still lower . . .
If I truly have so much faith in my levels of compassion, then why can I be so kindhearted toward an unhealthy baby, but lose my patience so easily with my perfectly healthy twins?
The Mark and the Sign G-d has compassion on His children… including the Egyptians!
G-d has compassion on His children… including the Egyptians!
Helping the Helpless Jewish Ethics: Lesson 5 Video
Helping the Helpless
We examine two mitzvas which illustrate how Torah expects us to be compassionate to others. The first is visiting the sick. The second is the prohibition (Deuteronomy 19:14) "Do not place a stumbling block before the blind," which can be interpreted to...
I never really thought about the impact he made, until he wasn’t there....
Suddenly Papa Yosef Chayim heard a sharp knock on the door. Curious who would be visiting at such an hour, he got up and opened the door. To his shock, he found a burly robber pointing a pistol directly in his face...
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