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Mishkan, The (Tabernacle)

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Holy Temple, The » Mishkan, The (Tabernacle)
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Mishkan, The (Tabernacle): a) the tabernacle or temporary Sanctuary in which the Divine Presence dwelled during the Jews’ journeys through the desert; b) the portion of the tabernacle and the Temple building before the Holy of Holies which contained the inner altar, the table for the showbread, and the menorah
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Examining the commentaries on the seemingly redundant word “mishkan” (Tabernacle) reveals profound insight into the everlasting nature of the mishkan.
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The Tabernacle was to be built by every man, woman and child. Even a Jew who may appear to be a sinner is still obligated and capable of building a dwelling for G‑d.
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Why did G‑d instruct that the lesser materials of silver and copper also be used in the Mishkan's construction? Surely pure gold would have looked much more spectacular...
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