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Creation ex nihilo

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Creation » Creation ex nihilo
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It is not easy to understand how a world view that leads nowhere and ultimately explains nothing became so rooted in the human psyche
What Is Creation? Creation Without Cause RankRankRankRankRankRank
The immediate implication of true creation is that nothing “must be.”
What is time? And if we understood what time is—and what are the “windows” of timelessness within our existence—what practical difference would this make in our lives?
"Creation" (beriah, in the Hebrew), which means bringing something into being out of a prior state of non-existence, implies a "before" and "after"; so to say that G-d created anything is also to say that He first (or simultaneously) created time...
“I have only been created to serve my Master.”(Ethics of the Fathers) There was once a newspaper advertisement filled with the words “left right, left right” repeated over and over. At the foot of the page, in bold letters was the question, “But where are...
Can People Change? Creating something from nothing RankRankRankRankRankRank
G-d creates from "Nothing" because nothingness, ayin, actually means absolute, infinite possibility. And as a beings created in the image of G-d, we, too, can create "something from nothing"
It's as if you would ask the Creator, a billion times a second, "Seeing what's become of it, would you do it all over again?"
The universe, in the words of some who would speak for it, says, "I am a giant machine. I supply the space and time for your existence. You are an unimportant bit of matter located in an unimportant galaxy." How shall we reply?
I've often heard the argument because creation is so well designed there must be a Designer. But using that the same logic I can ask the question: Who created G-d?
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