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Freedom of Choice

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Freedom of Choice
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Freedom of Choice: Free choice. The principle according to which every individual is empowered to make unconstrained moral decisions and hence be held accountable for his or her conduct, be it good or evil.
The classical questions, the theological contradictions, the Kabbalistic foundations, the Chassidic interpretations... nineteen insights, essays and stories on "Freedom of Choice"
Jewish Theology, Lesson 5
What Jews Believe: Free Choice
If we are part of G-d’s plan, then why did He give us the choice to deviate from the plan? To what extent do our choices really affect our lives? This fifth in a six-part series on core Jewish beliefs examines the importance of free will and its effect on...
Our ability to choose enables us to be partners with G-d in Creation.
Deep within, Pharaoh always had the ability to repent, yet he didn't
The question is ancient. If G-d hardened Pharaoh’s heart, then it was G-d who made Pharaoh refuse to let the Israelites go, not Pharaoh himself. How can this be just? How could it be right to punish Pharaoh and his people for a decision – a series of deci...
Free Choice, Determinism, and G-d's Knowledge
Do We Really Have Free Will?
If G-d knows what we will choose, do we really have free choice? In this challenging 1-hour lecture, Rabbi New tackles this profound paradox.
Jews were the first to believe that an entire nation could govern itself in freedom and equal dignity. This has nothing to do with political structures, and everything to do collective moral responsibility.
Free Will
Can we change the world or is our future predetermined?
Gambling implies that our life is random. That everything is up to luck, and that nothing we do can necessarily create or prevent our outcome...
The Theft When my family returned from a two-day trip, we found our home burglarized. The thief broke a window to gain access, rifled through drawers, left a mess, and walked away with a few meager items and a charity box. The things he took were just thi...
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