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Netilat Yadayim (Hand Washing)

Netilat Yadayim (Hand Washing): (lit. "washing of the hands"); the ritual washing of the hands upon rising in the morning, before eating bread, etc.

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Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch The "Rebbe Maharash" RankRankRankRankRankRank
The life and teachings of Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch, the fourth Chabad Rebbe, known as the Rebbe Maharash
In his short leadership, Rabbi Shmuel strengthened Chassidus, combatted anti-Semitism, and prepared the ground for Chabad's global reach
Late in the afternoon, the Rebbe emerged from his room and instructed that the circumcision commence. The only clue to his delay was the mysterious sentence that passed his lips, "Ay... the Polotzk burial society..."
When we awaken in the morning, we immediately recognize and appreciate the kindness G-d has done with them.
Morning Hand-Washing Get Your Hands Wet! RankRankRankRankRankRank
In the Holy Temple, the priests would wash their hands before their daily service. And every individual is a priest in the temple of his or her home and heart...
Meal Hand-Washing Beyond Pasteur! RankRankRankRankRankRank
Do the ritual washing of hands, say a blessing on the food and then dig in, to elevate all those carbs and proteins into a divine experience . . .
What’s Up with the Hand-Washing? Explaining netilat yadayim in the morning Q&A RankRankRankRankRankRank
I noticed the kids washing their hands by the bed in the morning. This seems like a crazy ritual to be done right near the bed, could you enlighten me?
Before we eat a meal with bread, we wash our hands and make a special blessing. So immediately after Kiddush we perform the ritual washing for bread. Go to the kitchen, or the nearest sink in the house. Fill a large cup with water. Pass the cup to your...
1. Because every morning one must rededicate himself to the service of G-d, he must purify himself and wash his hands out of a vessel, just as the Priest was commanded to do prior, to his service in the Holy Temple. 2. Another reason is this: When a man...
The fourth Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch, Rabbi Shmuel Schneersohn (1834-1882), known by the acrynom "Maharash", was born in the town of Lubavitch (White Russia) on the 2nd of Iyar of the year 5594 from creation (1834). His father, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of...
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