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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for
What is Judaism? Who is it for? What are the basic Jewish beliefs, texts, and sacred places?
Online attempt to quash story of 97-year-old Holocaust speaker backfires
Spokane, Wash., is not a place you’d expect large Jewish gatherings. Out of the metropolitan area’s population of 600,000, barely 200 households identify as Jewish. Yet nearly 900 people turned out Wednesday night to listen to a presentation by Marthe Coh...
An early life fraught with danger was met with faith and devotion
Miriam Friedman, whose life spanned the oppression of Soviet Russia, the chaos of post-World War II Europe and the heady growth of Chabad in the United States and around the world, passed away on June 11 at age 101. She was born on the Jewish holiday of T...
The spies were tasked with going to the Promised Land and bringing back fruit and a report, which they did. Weren’t they just being honest, sharing their findings in good faith?
Funny how the lessons learned in childhood really do last a lifetime
Arguably France’s most widely known comic, Gad Elmaleh is famous for capering lithely across the stage and communicating sardonic wit with his expressive blue eyes. Since he moved to New York City in 2015, his fame has spread to North America as well, inc...
Surrounded by a lush garden, an ideal spot for Jewish resident and tourists, many of them Israeli
It’s been less than five months since the founding of Chabad of Laos—the 92nd country to have a permanent Chabad presence—and already, there is an operational kosher restaurant, weekly prayer services, Torah classes, Shabbat celebrations for tourists and ...
A search on by a 94-year-old woman’s friend sets off a chain of mitzvahs
Selma Rosenberg had lived a long and rich Jewish life. Born in 1922 in Philadelphia, she was raised in a robust Jewish milieu where Shabbat, Jewish holidays and community set the rhythm. After her marriage, she and her husband, Paul, relocated to Cheltenh...
A Chabad family of seven pitches in where they can, as rain and snow continue to fall
How do you respond when a neighbor’s home becomes flooded? For the five Cohen children of Kirkland (a suburb on the Island of Montreal), the answer is simple. You put on your galoshes and give out soup. Rabbi Shmuel Cohen, co-director of the Chabad Jewish...
His personal accounts of meetings with the Lubavitcher Rebbe inspired many
Bentzion Rader, a prominent lay leader in the Chabad community in London, and a visionary activist whose beautiful publications captured the living tradition of Chabad as it rose to the challenges of Judaism and modernity in the 1960s and 1970s, passed aw...
In the old cemetery in Cracow stood a great tree, whose large branches seemed to have borne the weight of centuries, and were laden with the heaviness of time.
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