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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for He lives with his family in Montreal, QC.

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Irina Vagner, 63, Paragon of Faith and Maternal Concern In Russia and Israel, her heart and home remained open to those who sought comfort and guidance News
Irina Vagner, 63, was known for spreading Jewish awareness and warmth under adverse conditions in the Soviet Union, in Israel, and then again as a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in post-Communist Russia, leaving behind a legacy of self-sacrifice and love. She...
Dear Friend, Look outside tonight and you’ll see a small sliver of a moon. We’ve just begun a new Jewish month: Marcheshvan, often called Cheshvan. Notice how the first syllable of the word was lobbed off in common parlance? This is because the Hebrew...
Illinois Governor Joins Hundreds in Chicago for Sukkot Celebration A decades-old Jewish tradition features a day of family fun and an evening of dancing and more News
Every autumn, the corner of Whipple Street and Devon Avenue in the multi-ethnic Chicago neighborhood of West Rogers Park comes alive as hundreds of Jewish people of all ages join together in whirling circles—and dance, dance, dance. And year after year,...
Out of the Box: Detroit Sukkah From a Shipping Container Chabad couple wanted something ‘urban, innovative and green’ to house holiday events News
Repurposed shipping containers have become hip homes for everything from hotels to coffee houses. Now, downtown Detroit is set to be the home of what is possibly the word’s first shipping-container sukkah. “We were looking for something that was...
Rabbi Nachman Bernhard, 80, Legendary Orator and Activist in South Africa He took the Rebbe’s words to heart, treating all Jews as his ‘vineyard’ News
Rabbi Nachman (Norman) Bernhard, legendary orator and human-rights activist who helped build Jewish life in South Africa, passed away on Oct. 1. He was 80 years old. Born in 1933 in New York City to Tuvia Gutman and Leah Bernhard, young Nachman displayed...
Making the Grade in Paris: Sinai Schools Impart Jewish Values and Life Lessons Even as anti-Semitism in France mounts, the brainchild of Rabbi Hillel Pevzner continues to thrive News
Rabbi Hillel Pevzner was known to wear many hats. For much of the 60-plus years that the late rabbi lived in France, he was a teacher of an advanced yeshivah class, a day-school administrator, a sought-after authority on Jewish law and a spiritual leader...
Where do lulavim grow? Why does an etrog cost so much? Can I grow my own willows? Just about everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask . . .
High Holiday Services Run as Usual in Hong Kong, Despite Major Protests Chabad rabbi acknowledges the disruption, but does not seem overly concerned at this point News
Although demonstrators were still blocking major roads in Hong Kong—slowing down ambulances and emergency vehicles—and threatening to occupy government buildings, Yom Kippur services at the local Chabad-Lubavitch center are expected to take place as usual...
New ‘Kaddish’ App Instructs and Inspires Mourners Free app offers an audio-visual reading trainer, plus a wealth of information in eight languages News
The Yizkor (remembrance) service on Yom Kippur, in which special prayers are said in memory of the departed, may be the most well-attended synagogue service on the Jewish calendar. And throughout the night and day of Yom Kippur, there will be resounding...
It’s a Wee Jewish Community in Cork That’s Getting a Yom Kippur Boost Students from England to spend time assisting a stalwart senior who works to maintain Jewish life in the Irish city News
In the 87 years that Fred Rosehill has lived in Cork, Ireland, he has seen the local Jewish community decline from several hundred strong in the 1930s to just a handful of individuals. Local legend has it that the Cork Jewish community began with a...
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