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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for

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Teaching Torah Values Through Unexpected Channels Chabad rabbis and educators impact minds and lives on cable TV News
The second in a series of articles on Chabad spreading Torah through a variety of media. Television viewers are always on the lookout for something to pique their curiosity in the split second between clicks of the remote. That “something” can be...
Q&A: Chabad.Org Editor Earns Second Place in International Bible Contest Alex Heppenheimer travels from Brooklyn to Jerusalem, returning with great results Blog
The team is blessed with incredibly talented writers, programmers, “Ask the Rabbi” responders, reporters and editors. We were thrilled to learn that Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer, a copy editor on our editorial team, earned second place in the...
Radio Times: Torah and Values Through the South African Airwaves Chabad representatives inspire as they engage listeners, often in five-minute segments News
The first in a series of articles on Chabad spreading Torah through a variety of media. Every Friday morning, Mashi Lipskar takes a break from her Shabbat preparations and spends an hour sharing her thoughts, experiences and inspirations with thousands of...
Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi, 71, Chief Rabbi of Kfar Chabad, Israel Noted halachic authority and Chassidic scholar suffered a sudden heart attack News
Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi—the longtime rabbi of Kfar Chabad, Israel, author of scholarly works on Jewish law, and a leading rabbinic figure in Israel and beyond—passed away today in Israel. He was 71 years old. He was born to Rabbi Moshe and...
Rabbi Dovid Edelman, 90, Educator and Longtime Chabad Leader in Massachusetts Beloved rabbi served as an emissary of two Lubavitcher Rebbes for more than 70 years News
Rabbi Dovid Edelman, who served as an emissary of two Lubavitcher Rebbes—educating Jewish children since the summer of 1944, and serving as a rabbinic leader and director of Lubavitch Yeshiva Academy in Springfield, Mass., since 1950—passed away on Jan....
In Lieu of Breaking Ice, Goal Is to Break Ground for Mikvah in Jackson Hole The demand for usage in Wyoming is getting greater among residents and tourists alike News
Dena Ivgi is one of a small cadre of Jewish women in Jackson Hole, Wyo., eagerly looking forward to the day when her community will have a mikvah of its own. Living in an isolated but beautiful city that serves as a gateway to Grand Teton National Park,...
A Wounded IDF Soldier’s Chanukah Miracle Truly special moment for an Israeli Defense Forces veteran and his family News
The first time Rabbi Menachem Kutner and Rabbi Yossi Swerdlov of the Chabad Terror Victims Project met Sgt. Ohad Benyishai of the Israel Defense Forces, he was lying unconscious in a hospital bed, having sustained significant trauma to his head. He had...
Illinois Fourth-Graders Come Up With Something New: A Giant ‘Menorah’ Menorah In memory of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz, a rabbi and his students aim for the maximum amount of light News
Giant can menorahs, coin menorahs, toy menorahs, tile menorahs and even greeting-card menorahs have been produced by Rabbi Avraham Varnai’s fourth-graders at a school outside of Chicago. But this was the first time that they made a jumbo “menorah” menorah...
Chanukah Cheer to the Elderly in Illinois, Complete With Spinning and Songs A family goes for a visit to a seniors' residence supplied with a menorah and holiday treats News
There were six of us in the car, two parents and four children. Night had just fallen, and we were on our way to visit a seniors' residence north of Chicago. Our friends at Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie had supplied us with a box of chocolate coins, a tin...
Hashtag #SharetheLights: What Chabad Is Hashing Up This Chanukah An opportunity to take social media to the brightest level has taken off at warp speed News
What do Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and a Jewish teen from Siberia have in common? Both of their Chanukah pictures have been shared under the hashtag #sharethelights. The core of the idea is simple: People take pictures of themselves with their menorahs, and...
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