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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for

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Beneath the Fedora: A Day in the Life of a Chabad ‘Yeshivah Bochur’ Who they are, what they do and where they go in the Jewish world News
This is the first in a series of articles on the unique lives of Chabad-Lubavitch yeshivah students. A series featuring the lives of female students is in the works as well. Bochur: n. (baw-khur), lit. Selected one, commonly referring to a youth or young...
Rays of Light Amid Loss: A Torah in Memory of Seven Children Killed in New York Fire Encourage joy, urges Gabriel Sassoon, a father who has lost so much; learn Torah and live by it News
CHICAGO—It was a bittersweet event, filled with the conflicting emotions that come with extreme sadness mingled with joy. You could sense the powerful feelings, blending in the air along with the fuzzy white confetti drifting down from the cottonwood...
Assisted-Living Seniors to Mix With Preschoolers at Innovative South Florida Residence Facility to offer glatt-kosher food, plus classes, religious services and next-door access to a Chabad center News
Bernard Baumgarten of Sunrise, Fla., says his situation is all too common. Past his 90th birthday, he is looking for a place to live where he and his wife, Lily, can enjoy the rest of their golden years without having to bother with shopping or cleaning....
Dear Friend, Something remarkable happened in Israel this week. No, archaeologists have not uncovered a bronze proto–chicken soup pot, and no one has discovered a way to make Egged bus drivers slow down on hairpin turns. Yet what happened was so...
‘Daily Wisdom’ From the Rebbe a Rich Addition to’s ‘Daily Study’ Section Torah inspiration and teachings at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger News
Who wouldn’t want an instant—and now electronically accessible—snippet of invaluable wisdom? Daily Wisdom, an anthology of 378 daily inspirational lessons culled from the vast and deep Torah teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson,...
Knesset Honors Lubavitcher Rebbe in Advance of the Anniversary of His Passing Speeches, displays and videos highlight Chabad’s ongoing contributions to the world News
In advance of the 21st anniversary of the passing of the Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory—the tremendous contributions of the Rebbe and the Chabad-Lubavitch movement were recognized throughout the day in the Israeli Knesset...
New Moscow Circumcision Clinic Recalls Heroism of Darker Days Dedicated in memory of Sami Rohr, a key supporter of Jewish renaissance in the former Soviet Union News
Even in the darkest days of Communist oppression, Chabad Chassidim actively promoted the Jewish ritual of circumcision, even at the expense of their very lives. In the 1930s, many Chabad mohalim (ritual circumcisers) were taken away in the dead of the...
I’m planning to convert to Judaism. This has been something I’ve been considering and mulling over for years, and I’ve made my decision. What I should expect? What will the process look like?
Rabbi Binyomin Klein, 79, Longtime Aide to the Lubavitcher Rebbe He served as a liaison to Israeli leadership and as a mentor to many News
Rabbi Yerachmiel Binyomin Halevi Klein, who discreetly served as a longtime personal aide to the Lubavitcher Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory—and as a liaison to Israeli political, social and security leadership, passed away early...
Busy as Bees: Kids Take on the International Chidon Challenge in New York The girls competed last week, now it’s time for the boys’ performance on Sunday at noon News
Dinnertime conversation in the Rosenbloom home in Pittsburgh, Pa., has taken on a scholarly tone for the last eight months or so. That’s when Avrohom Dovid and Rikel—fourth- and seventh-graders in Pittsburgh’s Yeshiva Schools—began studying for the...
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