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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for
Despite struggles and shortages, Passover supplies seem to arrive just in time
With just days until the start of Passover, final preparations are being made for both the world’s largest and the world’s highest seders. Since the 1990s, Chabad has been hosting a giant seder in Katmandu, Nepal, which is expected to attract as many as 1...
For the few Jews on this Nordic island, seders led by visiting rabbis become even more meaningful
The Jewish community in Iceland is unique in the fact that it almost doesn’t exist. With no synagogue, no community center and no official leadership, the Jews of the “Land of Fire and Ice” have had to work extra hard just to bring their scattered brethre...
Jewish community pitches in to help those in the hardest-hit areas
A 7.8 earthquake shook the coast of Ecuador on Saturday, leaving nearly 300 people dead and hundreds more wounded in one of the strongest quakes in decades to strike this country perched on the northwestern shoulder of South America. Hundreds of miles inl...
Maot Chitim funds provide for those unable to pay for holiday necessities
On the outside, the C. family appears unremarkable. Both parents leave their modest townhouse to go to work every morning, while their four children head off to the local Jewish day school. Yet behind closed doors, a very different story unfolds. The peel...
Working with prisoners in the Midwest for more than 35 years
Growing up in a modest townhouse northwest of Chicago, the eight Scheiman children never asked the stories behind the haggard men and women who would join their family for the Passover seder and Shabbat meals throughout the year. “We never even thought ab...
‘We will not bow our spirits in the face of modern-day Hamans,’ says one rabbi
As the army stood guard in the muted streets of Brussels and security forces continued their manhunt for an armed terrorist still at large after terror attacks rocked this city on Tuesday, Jewish people gathered to celebrate the joyous holiday of Purim in...
New York students send mishloach manot to children in the Released Time Program
Jewish public-school children in Queens and Brooklyn, N.Y., are in for a sweet surprise: a mishloach manot goodie bag with a colorful card from a child their age in nearby Jewish day schools. “It was really special for us to prepare these for kids in publ...
Of all Jewish holidays, this is the one when people let loose, dress up in silly costumes, and act in ways you’d never see them act during the rest of the year.
Helicopter rescue flies women hikers to safety after prolonged exposure
It was 6 a.m. in Kathmandu when Rabbi Chezki Lifshitz’s emergency alarm sounded. Two female Israeli backpackers were in distress. Stranded at 4,800 meters above sea level, in a remote part of the mountainous country, Maya Butbul and Sharon Nachumi message...
Drive starts Monday, aimed at growing audience inspired by videos of the Rebbe
After growing up in what he describes as a “New York Reform Jewish household,” Norman Frankel did not have extensive contact with Torah for most of his adult life. However, after attending High Holiday services at a Chabad center near his home several yea...
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