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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for
Leading figure in Israeli politics sought Rebbe’s guidance over decades
Shimon Peres, the often controversial Israeli leader who served in a variety of political and defense positions from before Israel’s founding, and who later in life became the nation’s ninth president and the world’s oldest head of state, passed away toda...
Couple moves into ‘colorful’ college town to serve Jewish students
Surrounded by an endless sea of golden cornfields, Normal, Ill. (and its sister city of Bloomington) has a zoo, a sports coliseum, state university, city hall, airport, and now, a brand-new Chabad House. “I’m more than excited about this,” says Jacob Levi...
Seven years after emissaries arrive, a multistory building provides amenities for all
This High Holiday season, residents of the small Jewish community in Cambodia—and those who are visiting—will have one more reason to celebrate: It will be their first year in a brand-new, eight-story Chabad center. “It’s just fantastic,” enthuses Elli Bo...
The custom during the month of Elul for a general inspection of scrolls
“Your house is a sofer’s dream,” he said, referring to his job as a Torah scribe. Then he handed me a shopping bag containing 25 mezuzahs. Every year, during the month of Elul, which precedes Rosh Hashanah, it is customary to have a scribe inspect the par...
“Meilech,” called the Maggid from his room. “Do you hear what they are saying right now in heaven?"
Chabad couple packs up the kosher food and meets 20 people in a sylvan spot called Nelson
Nestled within Canada’s Selkirk Mountains, the city of Nelson, British Columbia, has neither synagogue nor rabbi. But there are Jews there, according to Judy Banfield, a resident since 1990. With a long history of counterculture and individualism—tied to ...
Dear Friend, He inspired me. He grew up in Israel to parents who both came of age on secular kibbutzim. To him, Rosh Hashanah had always been a day to go to the beach. Then, with the help of a Chabad rabbi, he rediscovered Judaism and began learning more ...
Even important personages, such as the king of Israel, placed baskets on their shoulders and proceeded until the Temple Courtyard.
A few tips to keep in mind from a Judaica store owner
Throughout the Jewish month of Elul, the sound of the shofar can be heard every morning coming from synagogues and homes in Jewish neighborhoods around the world. On Rosh Hashanah, the shofar will be blown by experts trained not only in producing a moving...
One couple helps another become man and wife far from their native home
Pulling off a kosher Jewish wedding in the heart of South Korea may seem like a logistical nightmare. But Rabbi Osher Litzman, who directs the Chabad Jewish Community of Korea in Seoul with his wife, Mussy Litzman, jokes that “there are no logistical chal...
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