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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for

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At Germanwings Crash Site, a Fruitless Search for Remains Chabad emissaries attend memorial service there; report total decimation News
As soon as he heard that a passenger plane traveling between Barcelona and Düsseldorf, Germany, had crashed into a remote area in the French Alps, Rabbi Emanuel Taubenblatt of Beth Habad Or Menahem in Marseille, France, knew he had to do something. “As...
A Model ‘Taste of the Seder’ at Illinois Governor’s Mansion Springfield Jewish community and statewide guests hosted by the governor and his wife News
In advance of the upcoming Passover holiday, Rabbi Avraham Kagan of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois led a “Taste of the Seder” program in the governor’s mansion in Springfield at the behest of Gov. Bruce Rauner and first lady Diana Rauner. Gathered around 10...
Making Matzah and Memories at Historic Bakery in Kfar Chabad Not only does it churn out shmurah matzah in bulk, it educates thousands of Israeli schoolchildren every year News
Prior to Passover 1950: The village of Kfar Chabad in central Israel had been settled just months earlier by a group of hardy survivors of Stalinist oppression and Nazi destruction. While most of the villagers worked the land and raised livestock—eking...
JEM Reaches Goal, Raising $1 Million in Less Than 24 Hours A challenge to meet the surging interest in videos of the Rebbe’s teachings News
The “JEM Leap Campaign” successfully reached its goal of raising $1 million in a 24-hour quadruple matching grant campaign that began at noon on Monday, March 16. More than 2,400 gifts from online donors were matched by three “partner” donors. Rabbi...
It was Passover eve of 1910. In the town of Lubavitch, every Jewish home was freshly scrubbed. The tables were bedecked with threadbare but meticulously cleaned white linen, surrounded by families about to begin their Seder celebrations...
At ‘The Edge of the World,’ a Man Discovers a Hidden Identity A tale of Nazi survival, emigration and a new life, spurred on by Jewish friends, old and new News
Before his death, Moses promised his people: “Even if your exiles are at the edge of the heavens, the L‑rd, your G‑d, will gather you from there, and He will take you from there.” While the literal “edge of the heavens” may have yet to be reached by...
For First-Time Megillah Reader, Digital Trainer Made Learning ‘100 Times Easier’’s handy annual companion to its Torah and Haftarah-reading trainer News
When 35-year old Jason Grumet was asked to help read the Megillah this year at his 650-member-family synagogue in Southern California, he felt certain that he would be able to master the texts with ease. Like many others, he’s preparing for the task using...
Q&A: Berlin’s Rabbi: Jews Need to Live Proudly, Show Identity and Fight Ignorance ‘We need to build bridges, not escape hatches,’ says Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal News
In light of the recent attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, where Jewish people were murdered in a kosher market and outside of a synagogue, as well as a number of violent acts recently against Jews in Berlin, Germany, Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal,...
New Mikvah in Old Chicago Neighborhood a Magnet for Young Families Bucktown mikvah named in memory of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz News
Old directories indicate that there was once a functioning mikvah in Bucktown, a Chicago neighborhood just northwest of the Loop—the city’s central business district—now known for its older single-family homes, new builds with edgy architecture and...
Chicago Jewish Community to Hold Multiple Events in Memory of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz The builder of many Jewish institutions honored at anniversary of his passing News
The Jewish community of Chicagoland is preparing to mark one year since the passing of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz, director of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois until his untimely passing at the age of 59, who has been credited with spearheading a Jewish...
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