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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for
Some 700 guests from eight nations at the ordination ceremony in New Jersey
The Chabad-affiliated Rabbinical College of America outside of Morristown, N.J., presented certificates to 257 newly ordained rabbis, the majority of whom congregated on Sunday in the leafy suburb with family and friends for what is possibly the largest c...
IFCJ and Chabad team up to help Muslims in poor neighborhoods break their daily fast
In what sounds like a page ripped out of novel, several dozen Muslim activists, a group of Jewish teens and a rabbi joined forces on Sunday in a number of Moroccan cities to supply 1,500 underprivileged Muslim families with food staples for the daily meal...
With the help of a rabbi revitalizing a historic Jewish area, Samuel Lyons sees a milestone
The date of Samuel Lyons’ bar mitzvah passed by without celebration. But then, almost nothing went as planned for the hardy souls living in London’s East End during the Blitz. The term (German for “lightning”) refers to the relentless bombing campaigns by...
The largest cohort since 2012 will serve Jewish communities all over the world
A host of newly ordained rabbis, 257 of them, gathered in the Chabad-affiliated Rabbinical College of America, outside of Morristown, N.J., for what is possibly the largest celebration of its kind in the world this year. The rabbis, who have graduated fro...
A time of friendship and fun, with a lasting learning component
Attending a Jewish day camp is often seen as icing on the cake, a nice addition to Hebrew school, Jewish communal events and even day school. But for children in many smaller communities, the Chabad-run Gan Israel day camps are often their single point of...
Dear Friend, Brexit is big news these days. In case you live with your head under a rock, Brexit is a big referendum on Thursday, when British voters will decide whether to leave the European Union. While there is lively debate whether it would be wise fo...
Now, on his way home, his mind was on his empty pocket and his wife’s impending disappointment.
Chabad centers prep for an influx of children at Ten Commandments readings
Synagogue seating typically includes pews, stacking chairs or even folding chairs. But come Sunday morning, part of the sanctuary of the Chabad of Cary Learning Center in North Carolina will be strewn will pillows and blankets, creating a comfy “kids’ zon...
Visionary helped spur Chabad-Lubavitch growth, was the Rebbe’s ‘four-star general’
David Chase, a Holocaust survivor, businessman and philanthropist who led many important charitable efforts for the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, and who served at times as a personal representative of the Lubavitcher Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of r...
“Rebbe,” she sobbed, “you are my last hope! My husband left me years ago, and I desperately want to move on with my life. Tell me, O tell me. Where shall I turn?”
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