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Menachem Posner

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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for

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Right on Time: First Jewish App Released for New Apple Watch One hot technology product will go with another, making the watch more useful for Jewish wearers News
Watch out! Watch this! Many clever lines will draw attention to the novelty of the upcoming Apple Watch, but right now, all eyes can turn to the first Jewish app for the new gadget, which will make the technology even handier for many users. Released on...
Rabbi Elio (Eliyahu) Toaff, Chief Rabbi of Rome for Half a Century, Passes at 99 A bridge to Italian society and respected in many different circles News
Rabbi Elio (Eliyahu) Toaff, chief rabbi of Rome and a leader of Italian Jewry for more than 50 years, passed away on Sunday at the age of 99. He was born on April 30, 1915, in Livorno, a center of Italian Jewish scholarship and culture in the 16th...
High-Schoolers' Swastika T-Shirts Spur Unity Gathering on Long Island Sunday-night meeting to bring students, parents and residents together for education and awareness News
The suburban Long Island town of Commack, N.Y., recently made headlines when a photograph of two teens at a drinking game wearing T-shirts with crudely drawn swastikas and the word “Auschwitz” went viral. Yet school and community leadership insist that...
New Book Dedicated to Rabbi Lipa Dubrawsky Details Opinions of Two Talmudic Sages A personal and intellectual memorial from one Chabad rabbi to another News
Rabbi Binyomin Bitton shared a unique bond with the late Rabbi Eliezer Lipman (Lipa) Dubrawsky, formerly educational director of Chabad-Lubavitch of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to being personal friends, they spent many long hours...
Rabbi Takes to the Radio, Offering Insight Through the Generations The Hecht family shares Torah thoughts, history, music and stories resonating over the original electronic medium News
The third in a series of articles on Chabad spreading Torah through a variety of media. Radio has always been something of a family affair. Long before the advent of television, radio—the original electronic medium—brought together listeners for all kinds...
Slovakian Man Fulfills His Father's Dying Wish, 70 Years Later A long journey to enter the covenant in a community decimated by the Holocaust News
They sat together in the car, driving from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, to Vienna, Austria, just an hour away. Rabbi Baruch Myers was accompanying Ivan Pasternak, a 70-year-old member of his community who was going to undergo his circumcision,...
Torah Insights Ripple Anew During Passover Week in Chicago For 52nd year, veteran scholars and yeshivah students alike gather for the annual Kinus Torah News
The main sanctuary of Congregation B’nei Ruven in Chicago’s north side is full. The night is chilly and dark, but the large, oval brick room is warm and bright. For the 52nd year in a row, Torah scholars and yeshivah students from across the Windy City...
A Passover First in Fiji, Prompted by Rabbinical Students Jews from near and far share their stories, and the story of their people, at the seder table News
Everyone has a story to tell on Passover, and the Jewish people arrayed around the seder table in Fiji this year were no exception. While Chabad-Lubavitch “Roving Rabbis” have visited this South Pacific island several times in the past—and even printed a...
A Mitzvah That Really Counts New ‘Omer’ app offers a daily reminder and more News
Perhaps one of the most difficult mitzvahs to fulfill properly is the counting of the Omer, which requires that each sequential day be counted (after nightfall) without missing a day—from the second night of Passover all the way until the eve of Shavuot....
Dear Friend, I love Passover. I love the fresh, healthy and natural food that we eat (our family is particular to prepare just about everything ourselves, to make sure it’s 100% chametz-free). I love the songs that we sing every year at the Seder (okay,...
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