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G-d and Man

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man

Results 1-10 of 1955 G-d and Man
On the Eternal Unfolding of the Transcendent Torah Torah Hermeneutics in the Thought of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson RankRankRankRankRankRank
Abstract: Throughout the ages the Sages of the Jewish People have applied received exegetical principles within new contexts. Conceptual, geographic and temporal diversity have led to a multiplicity of apparently conflicting conclusions, all drawn within...
Hasn't belief in G-d caused as much evil as good? If G-d knows best, what's the point of prayer? How can we have "free choice" if G-d already knows what we're going to do? Do (Normal) Jews believe in prophesy? Are we supposed to be afraid of G-d?
The Ten Commandments are really five: the sixth commandment is but an extension of the first, the 2nd commandment and the 7th commandmenment are likewise one and the same, and so on
The Tefillin Files The Story of How One Unstoppable Teenage Kid Exposed the Hidden Secrets of an Ancient Ritual RankRankRankRankRankRank
A sci-fi rendering of tefillin, its kabbalistic underpinnings, and its contemporary relevance.
What If You Mess Up? What divorce teaches about marriage RankRankRankRankRankRank
Why does G‑d tell you how to get divorced, if He believes in marriage?
The power to be silent at certain moments of life and of history is an important strength. It expresses the awareness that G-d is infinite, and cannot be encapsulated in our human conceptions of what should take place...
Other religions are based on a philosophy; their codes of conduct a direct consequence of their belief system. Judaism, however, is based on a Torah which is principally a book of rules. Jewish philosophy developed afterwards, and is based on the...
Reminding G-d Attah Zocher Ma'asay Olam RankRankRankRankRankRank
On the awesome day of Rosh Hashanah, G-d shifts into transcendent mode. "The Throne of Judgment," our sages call it. Our mission: to re-awaken the flow of energy to the cosmos. To re-engage G-d
When the artist sets his hands to his craft, he turns his back on perfection, as a warrior turns his back on fear...
Imagine a house with three rooms: a large room where the bulk of your time is spent; a smaller chamber where precious occasions of the spirit are enjoyed; and a rarely visited sanctum that is the absolute center of your life.
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