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Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 1
The Significance of Tefillah
This class examines the importance of prayer, its biblical and historical origins, and the Jewish view on material requests. We conclude with explaining the first prayer upon waking in the morning.
The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 1
A History of Prayer
The origins and evolution of prayer through the ages.
The Kabbalah of Prayer
The concept of prayer seems paradoxical: asking G-d, who is infinite and all knowing, to grant us our puny needs and desires?
The steps towards transformation in prayer
Reflections on Hayom Yom Kislev 5
Prayer: its origin and its purpose
My Thoughts: Prayer (part 1)
Mystical Secrets on Prayer and Meditation
How Prayer Evolved
Over 3000 years ago the very first Jew meditated and talked to G-d. Ever since then, through our prayers, we’ve focused and meditated on G-d’s greatness.
Esther as a model for a higher mode of prayer
Requesting Nothing, Sharing Silence
On its most basic level, to pray is to ask G-d to provide for your needs. But the story of Esther provides a loftier model, which should guide us as we approach the High Holidays.
An Introduction to Prayer
Why Pray?
What does prayer mean to you? Do you enjoy prayer? How can our prayers help us forge a stronger relationship with G‑d?
Why we pray to G-d
Prayer: Service of the Heart
Why we articulate the words of prayer silently
Whispered Prayers
When saying the Amidah prayer – the essence of the prayer service – the worshipper is enjoined to pray in hushed tones. This class explores the various reasons for this law and offers insight into the meaning of prayer. (Likutei Sichos, vol. 35)
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