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Torah, The: (lit. teaching) (a) The Five Books of Moses (The Bible); (b) the overall body of Jewish religious teachings encompassing the whole body of Jewish law, practice and tradition
Jewish Theology, Lesson 2
What Jews Believe: Torah
What is Torah? What is a commandment? What is revelation? What happened at Sinai? In this second in a six-part course on core Jewish beliefs, we set out to understand how Judaism views the Torah as much more than a set of laws.
How Do I Know the Torah Is True?
With teachings, traditions, and narratives stretching back 37 centuries, how do we know they haven't been altered and even unrecognizably disfigured from their original iterations? And, is there any way to be certain that these stories really happened and...
What is Torah?
What exactly is the translation and meaning of the word “Torah”? And what is its significance in our lives?
The Twelve Steps: Lesson 1, "Torah Tzivah"
Claiming Our Jewish Inheritance
The twelve Torah passages (known as the 12 Pesukim) present the Torah’s fundamental ideas empowering us with the spiritual strength needed to face the current challenges in life. The first step is the verse “Torah Tzivah” (“The Torah that Moshe commanded ...
It's a topic of much heated debate, but what does the Torah itself have to say about it?
Is the Whole Torah an Analogy?
The class will air Wednesday, June 8th at 8pm ET. This class is presented in partnership with the Jewish Learning Network
Unity and differing opinions in Torah
As One Man with One Heart
Understanding the nature of differing opinions in Torah, and how the Halachic ruling does not favor one view and reject the other, but rather unites them both.
Scroll Down - Part 1
Lesson 1. What Torah Thinks of Torah
What is the “literary” significance of the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai? The unique status and function of the Five Books of Moses within the biblical canon.
Learning Pirkei Avot on Five Levels
The Ethics of Sinai
Ethics of Our Fathers begins by stating that Torah was received by Moses at Sinai and was passed down to the subsequent generations. The Mishnah specifies five generations in particular, why?
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