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"Eating Jewishly" means, first and foremost, the observance of the Kosher dietary laws. But it is also means eating with awareness -- awareness of the true Source of our sustenance, and of the purpose of eating. A blessing is recited before and after...
The Jewish table is likened to an altar, its holiness compared to that of the Beit Hamikdash (the Holy Temple). Before dishes and utensils can be used in the kosher kitchen, they must acquire an additional measure of holiness which is conferred through...
A special status is accorded to wine and grape products, and thus we must be especially vigilant
We always dip the bread in salt, not only on Shabbat. Our table is considered an altar (see Ezekiel 41:22 and Ethics of our Fathers 3:3), and in the Holy Temple salt was offered together with every sacrifice (Leviticus 2:13). Salt never spoils or decays,...
How the candle (and all its components) is a metaphor for the human being.
Brachot 14b The importance of wearing tefillin for the recitation of Shema
Rab once washed his hands and recited the Shema' and put on tefillin and said the tefillah. But how could he act in this way, seeing that it has been taught: "One who digs a niche in a grave for a corpse is exempt from reciting Shema and tefillah and from...
Two Modes of the Divine Service Generally, there are two modes of Divine service: bringing down holiness from above and elevating the lower worlds into higher spiritual realms. Our Patriarchs Abraham and Isaac personify these two modes of service. As our...
How a Mezuzah is Written The commandment of mezuzah requires that two portions from the Pentateuch, the chapters of Shema and Vehayah, be written on a parchment according to rigorous rules and be affixed to the right doorpost of every doorway or gate in...
Prayer demands a transcendence of self, "as if stripped of physicality, no longer sensing one's own reality in this world."
Blessings After Other Foods Fruit, Cake, Beverages...
The blessings recited after foods other than bread, including cooked or baked foods, the special fruits of Israel and other fruits, and vegetables and drinks.
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