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Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz)

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Jerusalem is perhaps one of the most quarrelsome and troublesome places in the world, but it is still a city of peace.
The Rebbe never told his Chasidim to take the goat out. The complaints were irrelevant to the Rebbe, who would always demand an increasing workload
The Responsibilities of a Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbe An excerpt from the groundbreaking new biography, “My Rebbe”
While prefering to concentrate on spirituality, Rebbes become involved in people’s everyday problems.
A Conversation with Rabbi Steinsaltz
Rabbi Adin Even Yisrael (Steinsaltz) sits down for a conversation at Chabad of Westmount in Montreal, Canada. In this frank and informal discussion, he talks about politics, love, family, and more with Murray Dalfen.
The very notion of pardon and atonement contains a conception of reality that transcends the bounds of common rationality.
Can a person still be the master over himself when involved with drugs and other addictive substances?
A New Epoch in Torah Learning The Whole of Torah, for All the People
When the Rebbe initiated his campaign, it may have seemed like just one more way to promote the learning of Torah. But it is much more than that. It's a new epoch of Torah learning.
Where is your heart? Where are your eyes? There are three approaches, each having implications in many realms, including a general view about life and even macroeconomic vision
Between Fire and Ice "Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice…"
Will the Messianic redemption be a cataclysmic event akin to the Exodus, or a natural process? That seemingly depends on us...
Two thousand years after all the sages of Israel, both the pessimists and the optimists, agreed that man was a failed experiment, the Rebbe re-opened the question...
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