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Terumah: Seventh Torah portion in the Book of Exodus.
Something Spiritual on Parshat Terumah
When Giving Is Really Receiving
A powerful insight on the nature of giving charity can be gleaned from the language the Torah employs regarding the contributions for the mishkan (G-d’s sanctuary).
Parshah Curiosities: Terumah
The Secrets of a Successful Sanctuary
The eternal divine commandment to build a holy “House for G-d” was initially fulfilled with the mobile Mishkan of Moses—though the ultimate perfection of this mitzvah was only reached by the historic Jerusalem Temples atop Mt. Mariah. Yet, surprisingly th...
Growing Weekly: Parshat Terumah
Is Your Temple Working?
The three components of the spiritual temple we need for the divine presence to rest within us.
The weekly portion from the Prophets
Learning the Haftorah of Terumah
Parshat Terumah
Why You Should Be a Fake
Why should I act in a way that contradicts my true feelings? Should I present a façade of calmness even when I really want to lash out in anger?
The Trees of Hope
When There Are Monsters Under Your Bed
The empowering lesson we can take from the trees that Jacob planted in Egypt.
The key to living life to the fullest
Crazy About You
How the story of a Sage's strange behavior at a wedding provides the key to living life to the fullest. (Based on the maamar Bosi L'gani 5735)
Transporting the Holy Ark
The Holy Ark in the Mishkan (Divine Sanctuary) had many features that contain numerous layers of meaning and symbolism.
The Uppermost Covering of the Mishkan
The Mysterious 'Tachash' Creature
The uppermost covering of the Divine Sanctuary, the Mishkan, was the hide of a creature the Torah identifies as the 'Tachash'. The Sages disagree as to what type of creature it was, but all agree that it existed only then and that its hide was multicolore...
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