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Chessed; Acts of Kindness

Knowledge Base » Torah, The » Mitzvah; Mitzvot » Chessed; Acts of Kindness
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They wallowed in sand, subsisting only on carobs and water. They exit after thirteen years. What is the first thing on Rabbi Shimon's agenda?
Abraham planted something in the desert. What he planted is subject to debate, but the lesson we learn is not...
All the fearful stories he had heard about how whites treated blacks seemed to be coming true.
Why is a "kind" bird included amongst the forbidden fowl?
Who was Og, why was Moses afraid of him, and what this teaches us about the protective power of a single act of kindness
One of the birds which is described in this week's reading is the chassidah, the stork, regarding which the Talmud tells us, "she is benevolent toward her own kind." So why isn't thechassidah kosher?
The joy that comes from giving is incomparable. It is also a transformative message that can genuinely revitalize our homes...
“You Be My Kaddish’l . . .” Batya Berg: A woman who had no children, but daily cares for 150 children RankRankRankRankRankRank
Batya Berg never had children of her own, but her days are filled with caring for the needs of her young charges. Some of them have no mothers, others are orphaned from their fathers; all of them are bewildered, wounded, and intimately familiar with pover...
As the Rebbe’s chassidim waited worriedly for him to arrive, he was climbing deep into the woods, with a sack on his back, to chop down wood...
At one point during the trip, the horse suddenly changed course and took her own route, going back in the direction from where they had come.
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