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Homework (1)
When I walk by some people stare at me in my beautiful long skirt and modest long sleeved T-shirt. People can tell that I am different. People can tell that I am a Torah observant Jewish girl and I am proud of that...
The Jewish Day School Dilemma
An academic self-contained/social inclusion model does not just benefit children with special needs. Typical children learn a lot from this model as well. They learn patience, kindness, acceptance and tolerance for children who may be different. These lif...
To place Torah in one world and "secular" learning in another borders on having more than one G‑d. Rather, all knowledge should have the same purpose: to further our awareness of the one Creator of All Things
Don’t they have the right to know?
Kids have a right to know the objective of the hours they spend in school. Sadly, often the message they get is misleading.
It was a fundamental shift of mindset: we had always assumed we would delegate educational decisions to trained professionals, and enrich our children’s lives around the edges. Now, we were it...
“For My Children? Only the Best!”
Parents are never satisfied to provide their children with the minimum, or even the average. For their own needs a father or mother might settle for less, but for their children they want only the greatest and the best they can provide. If this is so with...
The Stray Kitten
Shavi Slodowitz grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where she attended Bais Rivkah High School. Being a somewhat difficult student, she lacked the motivation she needed to grow. In the most unusual way, the Rebbe channeled her passions into personal growth and...
The girl sitting in the back of the room stared at the bottom of her desktop. She bent her head down. Her stomach lurched; her mouth was dry. She prayed that her teacher wouldn’t see her. She wanted to be invisible so she wouldn’t be called upon to read.
Farbreng, Episode 11
Summer Camp
During summer, schools and yeshivahs may close for vacation, but Judaism and Torah study must never cease, as they are our very source of life and vitality. (From “Messages”—Season 2, Episode 11)
What it means to be a teacher
Every morning we drop our children off at school hoping their teachers will connect to them, educate them and inspire them. We do not expect them to save their lives . . .
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