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What you need to know about kids and technology
Becoming a Tech-Smart Parent
Discover what every parent should know about children and technology in the age of digital citizenship. Join Dr. Eli Shapiro for a fascinating presentation on how to deal with this rapidly evolving challenge and responsibility facing parents today.
Recommended Products and Services
Helpful Tools for Internet Safety
Mr. Rosenthal discusses some specific products and services that he recommends for families.
A Pro-Active Response
What We Can Do About Internet Safety
Some practical things we can actually do to protect ourselves and our families.
Internet addiction can affect anyone
Whose Children are at Risk?
An expert shares his chilling story of how he made his point to a group of community leaders.
“Just give me five more minutes . . .”
Internet Addiction
A brief look at the instant and powerful effect that Internet viewing has on the human brain.
The Technology Generation Gap
Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives
When it comes to technology, today's parents are like immigrants while their children are like natives. How can parents keep up with kids who know more about technology than they do?
The Power and the Peril of Handheld Technology
Does Your Child Need a Cell Phone?
Cell phones with Internet access have become the standard, creating new issues for parents keeping track of their children's Internet use.
How Our World Has Changed
A Brief History of the Internet
A ten-minute history of the evolution of the Internet from a 1957 government experiment to the advent of web-enabled "smartphones" 50 years later.
Good Morning America - July 18, 1997
Cyber Rabbi
One of the most popular religious sites today, with tens of thousands of visitors.
An interview with Charles Rawls
The Early Days of
Charles Rawls, co-founder of the Dorsai Embassy, talks about the early days of the World Wide Web, his involvement in the launching of, and some of his personal experiences with Rabbi Yosef Y. Kazen and his work with some twenty year...
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