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Water Drawing Celebrations, The:  Celebration accompanying the water libation ceremony on Sukkot in Temple times, recalled today by Sukkot celebrations.  [16 related articles] Calendar, The Jewish » Sukkot » Water Drawing Celebrations, The
Western Wall, The:  the western retaining wall of the Temple Mount, the last remnant of the Temple in Jerusalem  [39 related articles] G-d and Man » Holy Temple, The » Western Wall, The
Wood Gatherer:  Individual executed for desecrating the Shabbat while the Israelites were in the desert (Numbers 15). According to the Talmud, the motivation for his deed was to alert the Israelites to the severity of Shabbat desecration. Some identify this individual as Zelophehad[3 related articles] People & Events » People » Biblical Personalities » Five Books of Moses (Biblical Personalities) » Wood Gatherer
World To Come, The:  a) the afterlife; b) the Era of the Resurrection of the Dead  [64 related articles] People & Events » Moshiach and the Future Redemption » World To Come, The
Writings (Section of the Tanach):  Ketuvim (lit. Writings) is the third and final section of the Bible (Tanach)—the Written Torah.  [137 related articles] Torah, The » Tanach » Writings (Section of the Tanach)

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