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Have fun listening and singing along with these original songs as you learn about the Parshah of the week.

Song for Parshat Shemini

Song for Parshat Shemini

© Copyright Cheryl Knobel and Rivkah Neuman

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Parshah Song

Have fun listening and singing along with these original songs as you learn about the Parshah of the week.
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When we say that food is kosher
Do you know what we mean?
We may eat only certain animals
That are tahor, which means clean

B’nei Yisroel all gathered to learn
In the parsho of shemini
That we must eat only Kosher food
So to Hashem, holy we can be

All of the animals which we may eat
Must have split hooves on their feet
And they must chew their food over again
We know the animal is Kosher, then

Moshe taught us in great detail
That Kosher fish must have fins and scales
Most of the bugs or creatures that crawl
We may never eat at all!

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Victor Freytas June 22, 2016

I take it as reminder that we shall stay clean, in and out ... the way it was instructed by the Holy One. I believe that part of the existence of the Jews is due to the kosher intake.. Reply

eza April 14, 2015

Beautiful!! Reply

Anonymous Valley Village, California March 25, 2011

Helpful for Homeschoolers I love the parsha songs! They help me teach the parsha to my class of 5 homeschoolers. The songs really help them remember the parsha. Reply

Haim Pereira de Sousa Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil April 12, 2009

easy, helpfull and awesome!!
thanks!! Reply

Anonymous March 25, 2008

parsha songs alas, my 613 torah avenue LP RECORDS are long gone - how useful this is! Thank you! Reply

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