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Eikev Haftorah in a Nutshell

Eikev Haftorah in a Nutshell


Isaiah 49:14 - 51:3

This week's haftorah is the second of a series of seven "haftorot of Consolation." These seven haftarot commence on the Shabbat following Tisha b'Av and continue until Rosh Hashanah.

The exiled Jewish people express their concern that G‑d has abandoned them. G‑d reassures them that it is not so, comparing His love and mercy for His people to that of a mother for her children, and even greater than that, too.

The prophet Isaiah then touchingly describes the ingathering of the exiles which will occur with the Messiah's arrival and returning to the initial subject matter of this haftorah, that of the Jewish people's complaint of being abandoned by G‑d, he reminds them of their rebellious behavior that brought about the exile and suffering. He concludes with encouraging words, reminding us of what had happened to our ancestors, Abraham and Sarah. Just as they were blessed with a child when they had all but given up hope, so too, G‑d will send us the Messiah.

This is a synopsis of the Haftorah that is read in Chabad synagogues. Other communities could possibly read more, less, or a different section of the Prophets altogether. Additionally, specific calendrical conditions can cause another Haftorah to be read instead of this one.
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Menachem August 10, 2017

Just like one can print out sparknotes online or buy it in booklet format. There is room in the market for Chabad to create 5 booklets including the nutshell, aliyah summary, roundup, & haftorah in a nutshell. It will sell! Reply

Anonymous Israel August 9, 2017

Bezrat H"
The Moshiaj will be here soon
When my sister left this world I heard the song "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow" by Fleetwood Mac"
And this song speaks to me about the coming of Moshiaj
Because the theme says don't stop thinking about tomorrow don't stop it'll soon be here
And it finishes with don't look back
In other words keep the faith and hope for the future and just like Lot's wife looked back she didn't get to live
So to we need to move forward and know that Our Creator says what He means and won't forget us Reply

Linda Pines August 7, 2015

It seems that we could use intervention from the Messiah now. Good Shabbos! Reply

Angela Flushing, NY via August 28, 2008

beautiful beautiful consolation, i dont think anyone could have described it quite as well, as far as moshiach, me he come speedily in our time!!! Reply

Joseph Beverly hills, ca August 5, 2008

THis is my haftorah for bar mitzvah Ty for helping me Reply

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