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Va’etchanan Haftorah in a Nutshell

Va’etchanan Haftorah in a Nutshell


Isaiah 40:1–26

This week’s haftorah is the first of a series of seven “haftarot of Consolation.” These seven haftarot commence on the Shabbat following Tisha B’Av and continue until Rosh Hashanah.

This section of Isaiah begins with G‑d’s exhortation to the prophets: “Console, O console My people . . . Announce to Jerusalem that her period of exile has been fulfilled and that her sins have been forgiven.”

Isaiah’s prophecy describes some of the miraculous events that will unfold with the onset of the messianic era, such as the return of the exiles to Jerusalem, the revelation of G‑d’s glory, and the rewards and retribution that will then be meted out.

The prophet then goes on to comfort the people, describing G‑d’s power and might, and reassuring them of His care for His people.

This is a synopsis of the Haftorah that is read in Chabad synagogues. Other communities could possibly read more, less, or a different section of the Prophets altogether. Additionally, specific calendrical conditions can cause another Haftorah to be read instead of this one.
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Anonymous August 12, 2011

Miraculous events are unfolding,
people are returning to Jerusalem and
the earth is being filled with the knowledge
of G-d's Glory as the waters cover the
seabed. Justice is being served by Our
L-rd G-d's Power and Might, and He is
reassuring us by His special care for us,
His People. Look, It has already begun ! Reply

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