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The Cave of Machpelah

The Cave of Machpelah


Sara died in Kiryat Arba which is Chevron... Abraham came to eulogize Sara and bewail her. …Abraham buried Sara his wife in the cave of the field of Machpelah… which is Chevron. (Genesis 23:2,19)

In the Maarat Hamechpela cave in Chevron, (which comes from the Hebrew word, chaver, to unite), the end of temporal life connects to the next world and eternity. In the painting, a procession of people enters the almost hidden doorway of the vaulted cave. The somber earth colors convey mourning for Sara, yet the warm luminous hues express a sense of hope. This is implied in the upper area of the painting where the trees are illuminated by a magical, golden light that seems to come from a Divine source. The Zohar (128b) explains how the first time Abraham entered the cave he saw Adam and Eve in their tomb and a light emanating from the Garden of Eden.

Yoram Raanan takes inspiration from living in Israel, where he can fully explore and express his Jewish consciousness. The light, the air, the spirit of the people and the land energize and inspire him. His paintings include modern Jewish expressionism with a wide range of subjects ranging from abstract to landscape, biblical and Judaic.
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Anonymous November 6, 2017

Who is the artist, please? Reply Staff November 25, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

The artist is Yoram Raanan. Reply

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