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Nadav & Avihu Bring the Unauthorized Incense Offering

Nadav & Avihu Bring the Unauthorized Incense Offering


Aaron’s sons Nadav and Avihu each took his pan, put fire in them and placed incense upon it, and they brought before the L‑rd foreign fire, which He had not commanded them. Fire went forth from before the L‑rd and consumed them . . .(Leviticus 10:1–2)

At the inauguration ceremony of the Mishkan (Tabernacle), a “fire of favor” came down from heaven as the people sang praises. In stark contrast to this joyous event was the unauthorized incense which Nadav and Avihu offered up, and in their spiritual intoxication they were consumed in a “counter-fire” from heaven.

In the painting, their ethereal figures seem to be ascending, as if encompassed in the heat of their fervor. The tension of conflicting energies is reflected in the contrast of primary colors (red, yellow, blue) as well as in the flames that surround them.

Yoram Raanan takes inspiration from living in Israel, where he can fully explore and express his Jewish consciousness. The light, the air, the spirit of the people and the land energize and inspire him. His paintings include modern Jewish expressionism with a wide range of subjects ranging from abstract to landscape, biblical and Judaic.
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Judith Berge Bethel Park PA April 21, 2017

The Dull Dead Sons When I hear this story it makes me wonder about things none of us can ever guess. Just how old were Aaron's sons who died? I would've thought they merely were acting like "the King's business requires haste", usually a way of noting honest faithful enthusiasm as a servant or employee. But I think the clue that they were doing something inappropriate is simply this: wow, look what awesomeness G-d did in in response to what Aaron had already just done. So, if someone gets out a fiddle and plays a Tchaikovsky concerto, it's just too anticlimactic to get out my violin to play chopsticks.
Thanks for the discussion. I love the iart. Reply

Jan Toronto March 28, 2016

very very interesting, thank you!! Reply

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