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Haazinu in a Nutshell

Haazinu in a Nutshell

Deuteronomy 32:1–52


The greater part of the Torah reading of Haazinu (“Listen In”) consists of a 70-line “song” delivered by Moses to the people of Israel on the last day of his earthly life.

Calling heaven and earth as witnesses, Moses exhorts the people, “Remember the days of old / Consider the years of many generations / Ask your father, and he will recount it to you / Your elders, and they will tell you” how G‑d “found them in a desert land,” made them a people, chose them as His own, and bequeathed them a bountiful land. The song also warns against the pitfalls of plenty—“Yeshurun grew fat and kicked / You have grown fat, thick and rotund / He forsook G‑d who made him / And spurned the Rock of his salvation”—and the terrible calamities that would result, which Moses describes as G‑d “hiding His face.” Yet in the end, he promises, G‑d will avenge the blood of His servants, and be reconciled with His people and land.

The Parshah concludes with G‑d’s instruction to Moses to ascend the summit of Mount Nebo, from which he will behold the Promised Land before dying on the mountain. “For you shall see the land opposite you; but you shall not go there, into the land which I give to the children of Israel.”

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Anonymous October 15, 2016

Put down Here's my take: Moses received the final put down from HaShem; dying instead of reaching the promised land.
Just because he lost his temper and did not attribute the last miracle of the waters to the creator. He lost his temper, and I can relate. The lesson for me is, hold on to humility before the Creator. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hillls, ma September 3, 2013

The Promised Land Moses did not enter because the story into which he was given a big role, as Moses, the liberator, as in Exodus, was not complete. The completion of this story involves the transmigration of souls, as in Moses came back, and so when we enter through the East Gate, it will be that soul, a soul that has traveled far from the time of the Exodus, and a soul that has been greater enlightened by its travails and journey.

G_d is quite capable of writing the most amazing story EVER told, and did. The story is unfolding now. If I see it, then I would assume it would become apparent to us all. Reply

Jaclyn Barnes Jerusalem September 3, 2013

Haazinu in a Nutshell-Haazinu-Par... Thank you for such a wonderful Parshah lesson,right in time.For the New Year it explains extremely clearly how G-d was with Moses,at all times.Even though he was not able to cross over G-d allowed him to watch,over as.We came into the Holy Land Moses spirit I believe was with,us as we.Entered Israel and as we prepare to celebrate Rosh Hashanah I believe,that Moses.Is with us as well as Arron,Issac and Jacob!!!
Bless all of you at Chabad for giving us such,wonderful Parshah's.That make us think and appreciate who we are in G-ds eyes!!! Reply

Moshe Rubin ben Yoseph Davidson, NC September 3, 2013

It feels great to know I am not as smart or as good a person as I thought! I am not as smart or as good a person as I thought and it feels good.

The more I learn the more aware I am of my ignorance and impurity. How can every step forward leave me feeling I am further behind than I thought, and be so uplifting and fulfilling at the same time? It is a miracle.

Baruch Hashem Reply

Menachem Posner September 2, 2013

To David Perhaps G-d told us what to do already. He gave is the Torah and it commandments. In the Torah He tells us that if we follow His ways and reach out to Him, He will draw us near to Him.

The ball is in our court. Reply

david brooklyn September 1, 2013

Very interesting, if we are in exile now why did we not get a warning from Hashem on what we have to do to for the rebuilding the beit hamikdash and the coming of Moshiach? Have a great Rosh Hashanah. Reply

Chevi November 7, 2012

Beautiful!! To the people who created this website- I would like to express my appreciation and tell you how much I love this site. I'm a teacher and I prepare my lessons based on this, I love the clear linear translation and couldn't believe it when I discovered Rashi as well! Well done and thank you! Reply

Moshe Ruben ben Yoseph Davidson, NC September 28, 2012

warning and hope This prophetic warning and promise of redemption is perfect for the week following Yom Kippur. Baruch Hashem. Reply

Anonymous Santa Clara, CA September 27, 2012

Moses' promised land That is so beautiful. 'Moses reached the highest promised land in soul and spirit.'

That touches and uplifts me.

I appreciate this website and all that Chabad does. Reply

Anonymous Santa Fe, NM via September 21, 2012

Moses’ promised land Even though Moses did not physically go to the promised land of Israel, Moses reached the highest promised land in soul and spirit. The land of G. He was the only one kissed by G.
In my opinion, Moses did not have to fear G. Moses revered G., trusted G. and was not afraid to ask G. to make changes in decisions when Moses found them difficult or harsh. Reply

william k peire great neck, ny September 30, 2011

parasah what happened to the section with commentaries Reply

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