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Daily Wisdom

Daily Wisdom

A Parshah teaching for every day of the week


The tenth section of the Book of Exodus opens as Moses comes down from Mount Sinai for the third and final time and immediately assembles (Vayakheil, in Hebrew) the Jewish people. Moses informed them that G‑d had forgiven them for the sin of the Golden Calf and had instructed them to build the Tabernacle as a sign of this forgiveness.

The eleventh and final section of the Book of Exodus opens by informing us whom Moses appointed (Pekudei, in Hebrew) over the functioning and transport of the Tabernacle. Having concluded the account of how the artisans fashioned the various components of the Tabernacle, the Torah proceeds to describe how these same artisans fashioned the priestly garments and how the Tabernacle was finally erected.

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