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Daily Wisdom

Daily Wisdom

A Parshah teaching for every day of the week


In the second section of the Book of Exodus, G d begins the process that will lead to the redemption of the Jews from Egyptian slavery. He first informs Moses that it is crucial that he and the Jewish people demonstrate the same faith in G d that the patriarchs did when He appeared (Va’eira in Hebrew) to them. After some additional preparations, G d then begins to strike the Egyptians with plagues.

First Reading: Exodus 6:2–13
Second Reading: Exodus 6:14–28
Second Reading: Exodus 6:29–7:7
Fourth Reading: Exodus 7:8–8:6
Fifth Reading: Exodus 8:7–18
Sixth Reading: Exodus 8:19–9:16
Seventh Reading: Exodus 9:17–35
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