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Daily Wisdom

Daily Wisdom

A Parshah Teaching for every day of the week


The first section of the Book of Exodus opens by listing the names (Shemot, in Hebrew) of Jacob’s sons, and then chronicles the growth of their descendants into a nation and their enslavement in Egypt. As the conditions of slavery progressively worsen, the Jews cry out to G d. G d then charges Moses with the mission of freeing the Jewish people from slavery in order to receive the Torah. G d informs them that the purpose of their redemption is so they can assume their role as the moral leaders of humanity, steering the world toward its Divine fulfillment as G d’s true home.

First Reading: Exodus 1:1–17
Second Reading: Exodus 1:18–2:10
Third Reading: Exodus 2:11–25
Fourth Reading: Exodus 3:1–15
Fifth Reading: Exodus 3:16–4:17
Sixth Reading: Exodus 4:18–31
Seveth Reading: Exodus 5:1–6:1
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