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Daily Wisdom

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The ninth section of the Book of Genesis begins the chronicle of Jacob’s son Joseph. Joseph shares his dreams, in which he envisions himself as the future leader of Jacob’s family, with his brothers. This convinces his brothers that he is a threat to the family’s Divine mission, so they decide to eliminate him. He is sold to Egypt as a slave, where he first rises to a position of responsibility in his master’s household, after which he is placed in prison as a result of slanderous accusations. Interrupting this narrative is the account of how Jacob’s son Judah is ostracized by his family and later deceived into fathering children by his widowed daughter-in-law, Tamar.

First Reading: Genesis 37:1–11
Second Reading: Genesis 37:12–22
Third Reading: Genesis 37:23–36
Fourth Reading: Genesis 38:1–30
Fifth Reading: Genesis 39:1–6
Sixth Reading: Genesis 39:7–23
Seventh Reading: Genesis 40:1–23
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