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Daily Wisdom

Daily Wisdom

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The seventh section of the Book of Genesis begins the chronicle of the third patriarch, Jacob. It opens as he leaves (Vayeitzei, “he left” in Hebrew) Canaan to find a wife from among his kinsmen in Aram. He in fact marries four wives there and fathers a large family, as well as amassing a considerable fortune with Divine help. After 20 years, he secretly flees Aram, fearful that his possessive father-in-law Laban will try to prevent him from leaving. But after Laban overtakes him, they make peace.

First Reading: Genesis 28:10–22
Second Reading: Genesis 29:1–17
Third Reading: Genesis 29:18–30:13
Fourth Reading: Genesis 30:14–27
Fifth Reading: Genesis 30:28–31:16
Sixth Reading: Genesis 31:17–42
Seventh Reading: Genesis 31:43–32:3
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