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Experience the gems of the Parshah with the classic commentaries, and a kabbalistic twist.

Torah Gems - Parshah Noach

Torah Gems - Parshah Noach


Torah Gems - Parshah Noach

Experience the gems of the Parshah with the classic commentaries, and a kabbalistic twist.
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Riva Sydney, Australia October 22, 2009

It is wonderful to know that when I miss a shuir because of unforeseen circumstances I can listen to a good shuir from a knowledgable Rabbi at will. Thank you Chabad please keep up the fantastic work. Reply

Richard Lauzon Lehigh Acres,, FL/USA January 9, 2009

I understood maybe 10%... When I give discourses on Scriptures, I make sure that , to the best of my ability, I try to reach as many as is possible, I keep my language, as simple as is necessary to reach the hearts of as many members of the congregation as is G-dly possible, I follow basically my own hand written outline, trying toset a theme that all can follow.

And, that would include the fact that the doors are open to all, including any nationality, or education.
I read my audience and try to notice if anyone is sleeping or nodding off, due to the fact that I am not reaching their minds, let alone their hearts.

I knew this talk to be on Noah, as I would say it, but, this fine knowledgeable Rabbai used terminologies, and languages that went right over my head, and I do have a fairly good education, though not university level, so I examine the folks I am speaking to and it is my job as a Preacher and teacher of the Word and sayings of G*d.To reach my audience, but, I fell alseep very fast, lost.. Reply

Juanita October 12, 2007

on perception HaShem uses the same logic to destroy the world and to promise not to destroy the world after Noach brings the sacrifice to Hashem and Hashem has now a positive will toward men... does this suggest that we might influence the mind of Hashem through our deeds or, has the decision already been made by Hashem and we in turn respond from that influence Reply

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