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A five minute weekly Torah thought based on the teachings of Chassidut.

Parshah Thought: Bo

Parshah Thought: Bo


Parshah Thought: Bo

A five minute weekly Torah thought based on the teachings of Chassidut.
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Anonymous WC January 22, 2010

Egypt With all due respect, many Jews did not leave Egypt with the Exodus. Here we are some several thousand years later, and Jew have lived in Egypt up to this very day, and there are at least two functioning synagogues in Cairo. It must be said that most of the present day Jews are old ladies. With their demise, it will end the days of Jews living in Egypt.
The reason i bring this up is that it is difficult to listen to your lesson without feeling remorse for the thousands of years that Jews have lived a meaningless existence ( no sparks left to elevate ) in Egypt. Hashem had as much a plan for them as he has for you and me. Usually we do not know Hashem's plan. But it is still in place.
Respectfully submitted. Reply

Daniel Shinefield Philadelphia, PA, USA via January 30, 2009

Rabbi Bell's talk That was an amazing talk on the parsha. I never knew these recordings were here. I am incredibly excited. Not only can I study various aspects of the parsha, but by listening to teachers like Rabbi Bell, I can get more of the flavor and proper presentation of the idea in order to give it over later during Shabbat, and of course, during the week as well. Thank you very much. May the Almighty bless Rabbi Bell, along with all of the presenters on the site, and everyone who contributes to making this website and the material within it available to the plain and simple Jew such as myself. Good Shabbos. Reply

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