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What is the connection between Shemot - ‘Names’ and the rest of the book of Shemot?

Shemot: Book of Names

Shemot: Book of Names


Shemot: Book of Names

What is the connection between Shemot - ‘Names’ and the rest of the book of Shemot?
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Mrs. Joan Spehr Clark January 13, 2012

Names Thank You for sharing what sounds like true belief. I did not know Exodus was Shemot until then.

I was given the name Joan (Christians told me it meant "God's gift) Elaine (Grace); and a Jewish person said Joan meant "Destruction of the temple". It made me feel worried; and yet I didn't choose it. I have never met the person I was given the name of (unless it was my Grandmother Johannes)

Names are interesting. We called my oldest daughter Lorelei (alluring), Danae (pure); and my youngest Carissa (dearest-be loved)

Though one might think it will not affect their lives maybe - it does. We pray to "an invisible force" we name "God" People continually make you feel stupid for doing so..but when you see the opposite affect (a Godless society) it causes depression. Faith is Invisible but vitally oxygen, to me it is pretty much "who you can trust" Reply

Anonymous charleston, illnois January 9, 2010

thank you RABBI what a beautiful explaination... i am in debt to you. Reply

Isaac Barger Little Rock, AR January 9, 2007

Thank you Thank you very much for the insight on
the book of Shemot. I have just recently found your website and I am enjoying every moment I get the opportunity read or listen to it. Thank you again. Reply

David January 18, 2006

I have recently came across your audio section, and I think it is truly amazing, a wide selection. This class NAMES is a teriffic one as well. Thank You Reply

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