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Moses questions G-d as to his position as the Jewish leader; what is G-d’s response?

Va’eira – Moses Becomes the Leader

Va’eira – Moses Becomes the Leader


Va’eira – Moses Becomes the Leader

Moses questions G-d as to his position as the Jewish leader; what is G-d’s response?
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malka devorah bklyn, .ny January 17, 2012

a must listen to this rabbi wkly rabbi new is one of my favorite speakers.a must listen to.oh what a luxury to be in my warm room [as opposed to frigid canada weather)i press a button and hear this wonderful rabbi teach.yes moshiach must be on his donkey coming now.but what a relief to know that the process has begun(started by moshe.thanks rabbi new Reply

ML Suriano Atlantic Hlds, NJ March 11, 2009

Very Cool! Now I understand why a donkey's neck is broken if it is not redeemed when it is born! I always wondered why only that animal was singled out.
This was a great audio! There was so much in it that I had to keep listening to pick up all the information.
Looking forward to more like this one. Reply

a listener January 1, 2008

rabbi new has a most enchanting voice that expresses the most profound insights and analysis!!!
kol hakavod Reply

martha rodriguez hacienda Hts., usa January 18, 2007

the symbol of the donkey Thank you for such an enlighting message on the symbolism of the donkey in scripture. I remeber Saul and his lost donkeys, which lead him to destiny, the body is always wanting more, and more, but we must feed the soul even more with the study of torah. Reply

Deirdre Brent Highland Park, Il January 18, 2007

Moses by Moshe New Not only does Rabbi Moshe New have an appealing and expressive voice; he also explains what each part of this weeks Torah portion means. This help to explain to jewish people like myself who were not raised with a good Jewish education can "catch up" with others with his questions and answers. It is good to know that God encourages questions! Reply

Leah teaneck, nj January 16, 2007

i just want to express my hakarat hatov to this website and to all that make this website happen. youve put many a smile on my face and taught me a tremendous amount of Torah, Tizku Lmitzvot. Reply

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