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What Do We Read from the Torah on Rosh Chodesh?

What Do We Read from the Torah on Rosh Chodesh?



Which portion of the Torah is read on Rosh Chodesh?


On Rosh Chodesh, the "head" of the new month, we read four aliyahs from Numbers 28. The requirements for any aliyah is a minimum of three verses. In Numbers 28, along with the daily and weekly Temple sacrifices, we read of the special offerings brought in honor of Rosh Chodesh. Here is the aliyah breakdown:

First aliyah (Kohen): Numbers 28:1-3
Second aliyah (Levi): Numbers 28:3-5 (No, that was not a mistake, we do read verse 3 twice.)
Third aliyah: Numbers 28:6-10
Fourth aliyah: Numbers 28:11-151

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Rabbi Menachem Posner


When Rosh Chodesh coincides with Shabbat, we read the weekly portion, broken into seven aliyahs, as usual. Afterward, we read Numbers 28:9-15, which begin with the words "On the day of the Shabbat…," for the maftir.

On Rosh Chodesh Tevet, which is during Chanukah, two scrolls are taken from the ark. From the first scroll we read the abovementioned 15 verses:

First aliyah (Kohen): Numbers 28:1-5
Second aliyah (Levi): Numbers 28:6-10
Third aliyah: Numbers 28:11-15

From the second scroll, we read the special Chanukah reading appropriate for that day (Numbers 7:42-47 on the sixth day of Chanukah, and Numbers 7:48-53 on the seventh day).

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BMG Lakewood October 20, 2017

The Vilna Gaon held that yisroel repeat the aliyot.
it's based on a Gemara Reply

Menachem Posner Montreal October 23, 2013

RE: Haftarah There is no haftara on weekday Rosh Chodesh. Reply

Anonymous October 23, 2013

Any haftorah on weekday Rosh Chodesh? Is a haftorah only read on Shabbat or is there a haftorah for a weekday Rosh Chodesh? Thank you Reply

Levi Staten Island December 14, 2012

We read from 3 scrolls if Rosh Chodesh Tevet falls on shabbos Reply

Rabbi Menachem Posner December 26, 2011

To Anonymous, Cedarhurst We just do the Rosh Chodesh and Chanukah readings. So we take out two scrolls. Reply

Anonymous Cedarhurst, NY December 26, 2011

what about a Monday - Rosh Chodesh - Chanukah? What happens to the Torah reading for that day?

do we read from three scrolls? how many aliyot? Reply

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