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Chabad-Lubavitch in the Media

Stories and reports that have appeared in the media during the past two weeks

A look at what other news outlets have to say about Chabad-Lubavitch’s global reach.

Parkland Rabbis: ‘The Tragedy Is Still Unfolding in Our Community’
YWN,Thursday, February 15, 2018
...“There are no words to say at a time like this,” says Gutnick, who spent the night praying with families who were awaiting word on the fate of their children. “All you can do is hug, cry, and hold each other close.” At the same time, the rabbi says he has been telling people that it is imperative to channel their shock and grief into positive action. “We each need to carve out a little bit of brightness in the darkness that has engulfed our world,” says Gutnick…
      Chabad of Parkland - Regional HQ for North Broward & South Palm Beach–Parkland, FL
Family Of Shooting Victims, Clergy Gather Outside Broward Medical Examiner's Office
Sun Sentinel - FL,Thursday, February 15, 2018
...Rabbi Avraham Friedman, of Chabad of Coral Springs, comforted and assisted grieving relatives, and gave special dispensation for autopsies, which ordinarily are prohibited in the Jewish faith. He said five victims were Jewish, and four were affiliated with Chabad of Coral Springs and Chabad of Parkland…
      Chabad of Parkland - Regional HQ for North Broward & South Palm Beach–Parkland, FL
      Chabad of Coral Springs–Coral Springs, FL
Documentary Film Puts V.I. Synagogue in International Spotlight
S. Thomas Source,Wednesday, February 14, 2018
...Asher Federman, the Chabad Rabbi on St. Thomas, called the film “candid and compelling, informative and inspirational.”…
      Chabad Lubavitch of the Virgin Islands–St. Thomas, VI
Eurostars, the Russian Answer To Birthright, Offers an Intriguing Alternative
Tablet,Thursday, February 8, 2018
...Beyond that, Eurostars’ ambitious project to retain students who will actually walk away from its program Jewishly literate is an obvious step up over Birthright. Birthrighters are whisked through Israel with the promise of a transformative, unforgettable experience, only to be deposited back in their respective major metropolitan areas the following week with a few words of Hebrew…
      Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS and Baltic States–Moscow, Russia
      Chief Rabbinate of Russia–Moscow, Russia
      Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia–Moscow, Russia
South Florida Jewish Organizations Hosting Purim Celebrations
Sun Sentinel/Jewish Journal - FL,Wednesday, February 7, 2018
...Chabad of South Broward's Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus said the Purim shpiel is "very entertaining, very hilarious and very Purim inspiring." The Chabad center is also planning to deliver money and food gifts to needy families in nursing homes, hospitals and schools for the holiday..
      Chabad of South Broward–Hallandale, FL
Portrait of the Rebbetzin
Tablet,Wednesday, February 7, 2018
...On the first day of shiva for Chaya Mushka, Rabbi Schneerson prayed mincha—the afternoon service— at their home on President Street and then spoke to the Hasidim who were there. “The living should take to heart,” he exhorted, quoting the prophet in Ecclesiastes. Learning from the life and the values of the person who passed away allows their legacy to become eternal, he explained. Olidort points to this talk by Rabbi Schneerson as the moment Chaya Mushka began to transform from an almost hidden figure to a community icon:..
      Lubavitch World Headquarters–Brooklyn, NY
      Jewish Educational Media–Brooklyn, NY
      The Jewish Learning Institute–Brooklyn, NY
Two Holocaust Miracles in Slovakia – Part 1
Jewish Voice - NY,Wednesday, February 7, 2018
...There was a time when Rabbi Nissen Mangel, 84, knew that place well. His maternal grandparents, the Sterns, were important members of the village’s Jewish community, and each summer of his pre-war youth he’d travel 80 kilometers from his hometown of Kosice, now Slovakia’s second-largest city, and spend a few blissful months there. His grandparents were well-to-do, their yard filled with ducks and chickens, and Mangel and his cousins would play with them in a stream near the house…
      Chabad of Slovakia–Bratislava, Slovakia
Anne Frank’s Stepsister Speaks Wednesday At UNF Of The Holocaust And A Childhood Friend Left Behind
Florida Times-Union,Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Eva Schloss grew up with Anne Frank, escaping as Germany invaded their adopted Netherlands homeland during World War II, then surviving the deadly Auschwitz concentration camp while the famed 15-year-old diarist did not. Now Schloss, stepsister of a girl whose diary would become a world-famous look into surviving the Nazi invasion, will offer her unique viewpoint on the Holocaust and Anne Frank Wednesday night at the University of North Florida, co-presented by the the Chabad of Southside…
      Chabad of Southside–Jacksonville, FL
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