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Central America

Slain 10-Year-Old’s Words Resonate in New Book for Jewish Girls
Australia & New Zealand
In ‘One More Light,’ Thalia Hakin essay focuses on the mitzvah of Shabbat candles
First Project for New Emissaries to Panama: A Jewish Cemetery
Central America
Stressing the need for Jewish burial in a remote part of the world
New Mikvah, New Mitzvah in Mexico Resort
Central America
Playa del Carmen emissaries build state-of-the-art facility in near-record time.
Central America
150 Israeli backpackers daily are feasting at Chabad of Playa del Carmen
Rescue Crews Slog Through Costa Rican Tourist Center After Earthquake
Central America
Early reports indicated that damage to the nation’s Jewish community has been minimal, while Chabad-Lubavitch of Costa Rica offered its prayers and assistance to victims.
Special Delivery Gives Jamaicans First-Ever Opportunity to Fulfill Sukkot Mitzvah
Central America
Negotiations between the American Friends of Lubavitch Washington office and Jamaican officials allowed the first-ever import of a kosher lulav and etrog for the island’s 200-strong Jewish community.
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