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Shabbat a Salve for Pain at the Pump

Shabbat a Salve for Pain at the Pump


Rabbi Mendel Cunin, co-director of the Reno-based Chabad-Lubavitch of Northern Nevada, has one more benefit to add to the litany of spiritual blessings Jewish tradition attributes to observance of Shabbat: more money in your wallet.

In an interesting twist to his mission to encourage Jewish pride among his city’s Jewish community, he pointed out to congregants that – with gas prices pushing ever higher – leaving their vehicles at home one day a week would curb their weekly fuel bill, as well as help the environment.

“Imagine the effect this would have by cutting down gas consumption by 14 percent,” Cunin told the Reno Gazette-Journal. “This could be the start of a solution to the gas problem and a betterment to American family life.”

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